Our Mission For Incite Music

We think that music is food for the soul and something that everyone can relate to in one way or another. We have a fundamental belief that being able to express ourselves in this medium has made us kinder, happier, and more disciplined people so we want to help others use music to better themselves too.

We want to help you pick the best gear that you will get the most use out of and to give guidance for your learning. We love to get people singing in the crowd or even the excitement of watching someone try karaoke for the first time. This website is our way of getting that experience online. Our mission, so to say, is to get you excited about music and to help you stick out your practice until one day you're rocking a stage somewhere.

We write all of the content for this site in-house and most things will come from personal experience. Any items that we can't get our hands on are thoroughly researched before reviewing. 

The Noteable Few Band

The Team Behind Incite Music

 Boti Puklus

Boti Puklus Bio Image

More than twenty-five years ago, I left the hills of Transylvania and found my sanctuary deep in the heart of Texas. At some point between then and now, I became an editor.

When I'm not wrestling with words on a screen, I'm either listening to audiobooks, cooking mouthwatering meals, fishing for bass, or begging my fingers to cooperate with my brain so I can learn how to play the piano like Glenn Gould.

Head Writer
Chris Daniel

Chris Daniel Portrait image

I have been a working musician for the last 10 years. I have played in venues all over the world including Australia, Greece, and Thailand.

People often say that I have been lucky to live this lifestyle, but I am a firm believer that almost anyone can do it if they stick to practicing and have the confidence in themselves to give it a go. That being said, learning to play guitar and sing has been one of the best decisions of my life.

Sebastian Picornell

Sebastian Bio Image

All my life I’ve been surrounded by music and as time went by my passion for it has been growing bigger. I was 10 years old when my mother gifted me a guitar, and at that moment I felt that music was my passion. Nowadays, I play almost daily, while still learning how to sing.

Eugene Adede

Eugene Bio Image

I have been a singer, songwriter, and guitarist since 2005. I have a bachelor's degree in music and extensive experience in writing educative music material. In my free time, you can find me eating. Wherever there is music and food, Eugene is probably nearby!

You can find some of my work as a performer in this YouTube video.

Amanda Dokie

Amanda Dokie Profile Image

Mrs. Mandy Dokie was born and raised in the high desert. Her greatest joy in life and biggest supporters are her beautiful family including her husband of 12 years, and her 2 children, Rylan and Keira. She graduated from UC Riverside with a BA in Psychology: Law and Society. She has a passion for God, the outdoors, reading, writing, singing, and martial arts.

Chris and his band Playing at O'Malleys Sydney

What About You?

If any of the following statements apply to you then one or more of the articles on can help you.

  • You are just starting out as a musician and don't quite know where to begin
  • You are not sure which gear you should buy to suit you
  • You want gear advice based on actual experience
  • You're looking to move from a bedroom musician to the stage
  • You love live music
  • You want the best sound for your budget
  • You want ideas and new sounds for your music production
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