Artistworks vs Guitar Tricks Which is Best in 2022

Artistworks vs Guitar Tricks. These are two of the most popular and well-known online guitar lesson platforms. Did you know both websites have been teaching guitarists how to play the guitar for more than a decade?

Although they have different approaches to teaching the guitar, they offer similar features. Yet, there's one huge difference between them: Guitar Tricks only has guitar lessons, but Artistworks features video lessons for most musical instruments, including the guitar.

In this article, we’ll discuss the good and bad of both services, provide a review of each, and compare them to each other.

What’s Guitar Tricks?

Guitar Tricks Review

Guitar Tricks, established in 1998, distinguishes itself from the swarm of online guitar-learning platforms because it provides many high-quality lessons, wonderful teachers, outstanding courses, and practically everything you'll ever need as a guitar student. They launched the system with guitarists in mind, and it’s basic and straightforward to use. 

With many other premium sites, you won't know what you're getting yourself into until you sign up for a subscription. To counter this, Guitar Tricks provides a session trial, which gives you access to twenty-four free lessons without signing. While this may appear to be a cheap sales ploy to some, it gives customers a bite-sized experience of the website and the lectures so they can make a more informed selection.

They also have a free trial that allows you past the paywall. You have to enter credit card info, but you can just cancel before the 14-day trial period is up.

GuitarTricks has a decent number of expert courses, which isn’t the case with most instrument learning sites. 

Paid guitar instruction lessons have additional materials, including downloadable tabs, lesson files, and lesson organization features. Most classes also include a music track at the conclusion, allowing you to jam with drums or bass in the background.

Guitar Tricks Review

Guitar Tricks Dashboard
The Guitar Tricks Dashboard

Guitar Tricks is a guitar instructional website that prioritizes the student and delivers a less daunting experience compared to dealing with a real tutor, which can be a scary experience. But, a selection of pleasant teachers and bite-sized sessions effectively take the fear out of guitar learning.

The novice and expert lessons offer you a visual chart outlining where you'll start and what follows next in principles, levels, and guitar music genres. They also provide you access to different genres, methods, artist studies, practice exercises, notes and keys, and gear and tone instructional content.

When you sign into it as a subscriber, the Guitar Tricks official website sends you to the beginner or advanced classes or to parts of the site where you might learn to play whole songs or other types of guitar skills. It also provides a list of the most recent lessons.

As of now, there are 32 active guitar teachers on GuitarTricks. While most of them have been instructing for over twenty years, several are becoming well-known as session and studio musicians in the entertainment industry.

Guitar Tricks does offer a ton of value for its money. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced guitarist, you're sure to learn something new, and the subscription should be a worthwhile purchase for most new guitar learners.

Who Should Use Guitar Tricks Over Artistworks?

It's very beneficial for novices. The learning approach is extremely well-planned and thought out. Most courses offered in Guitar Tricks cover fundamentals for a complete newbie, but if you're an advanced guitarist, you can skip a lot of it.

Guitar Tricks should be worthwhile for those who only wish to learn the guitar, as Guitar Tricks is cheaper than Artistworks. Guitar Tricks’ lessons also go more in-depth when compared to the classes offered by Artistworks.

Who Should Not Use Guitar Tricks Over Artistworks?

Guitar Tricks has lessons only for guitar, so if you're looking to learn other instruments, Guitar Tricks simply won’t be a worthwhile purchase for you.

What’s Artistworks?

Artistworks Logo

Artistworks was initially released in 2008, and it has since established itself as one of the best online training platforms for learning musical instruments.

David Butler, the chairman and co-founder of Artistworks, wanted to perfect jazz guitar. He and his wife created Artistworks in 2008, and it grew to become a site with thirty-five guitar teachers and 5000 plus videos. It now allows everyone to get private feedback from teachers that they’ve been taking lessons from.

Artistworks entered the GSV EdTech Research Institutes in Silicon Valley in March 2015, and in June, it received a US patent on its key technology of Video Interchange Learning. The Accrediting Committee for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges granted the organization academic certification as a supplementary education provider in May 2017.

Artistworks offers a vast core lesson collection that takes students from the basics to advanced techniques. Artistworks also uses proprietary technology that allows users to submit practice videos and receive customized video replies from their tutor whenever they have a question. 

Each video encounter between an instructor and a student is made public for all users to learn from. This makes the experience feel more like a classroom environment. You can also learn from other people's mistakes, making the learning environment much more productive.

These video exchanges serve as the foundation for an ever-expanding, ever-changing online learning environment that is superior to a traditional classroom and offers the most accessible and effective method to study online.

Artistworks combines skilled teachers with eager participants in a social online learning space where each contact is a learning opportunity for everybody.

Artistworks Review

Artistworks Lesson Sample
An ArtistWorks Lesson Sample

Using Artistworks, you may pick from a range of instruments (not only guitar) and then choose an instructor based on the type or category they teach.

The price would mostly stay the same. However, one exception to the payment plan layout and pricing for one guitar instructor has been discovered.

After signing up for a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month plan, you can begin your courses. You have complete control over how you learn. 

Lessons are taught by following a tutorial and recording and uploading a video of the learning and practicing process to the Artistworks site. After seeing your video, your teacher provides feedback, ideas, and extra practice or approaches to attempt.

Artistworks ensures that the site is the most efficient and educational option to enhance your talents on the internet. On the other hand, Artistworks doesn’t offer refunds, credits, partial compensation, or refunds based on chargeback disputes.

Because membership can be automatically renewed, you should cancel your membership before it refreshes after the current paying term if you’re displeased with the classes.

Artistworks appears restricted in the number of guitar teachers (only 10 at this time) and unconnected in its technique of recording and submitting a clip for asynchronous training when contrasted to certain other online guitar instructional systems like Guitar Tricks. 

This may be the emphasis and feel that some individuals like, but the record-and-upload option may be too restrictive for some who are used to a more direct engagement with an instructor.

Who Should Use Artistworks Over Guitar Tricks?

For people who want to get a more distinctive and social experience, Artistworks is a better option than Guitar Tricks. People whojust aren’t interested in one, but a wide range of instruments should also go for Artistworks over Guitar Tricks.

Guitar Tricks is for people who are interested in learning how to play the guitar only.

Who Should Not Use Artistworks Over Guitar Tricks?

Guitar Tricks offers an uncomplicated way for beginners, and it will surely teach you the basics right away. 

New guitarists shouldn’t use Artistworks, as it can get a little complicated. The platform has a ton of courses, and beginners may get confused and lose their way.

Comparing Artistworks and Guitar Tricks

Guitar-Tricks-Instructors Screenshot

Now let's dive into some direct comparisons between the two. It's hard to pick a clear winner in many of these categories as it often depends on the user, so make sure you read what each platform has on offer carefully.

1. Guitar Tricks vs ArtistWorks - Price

The pricing and the plans offered by both services are very different from each other. Looking at the price, Guitar Tricks is the better option if you’re learning the guitar solely.

Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks has an annual and monthly subscription plan. The monthly plan costs $19.95 per month, while the annual plan costs $179 per year. If you plan to use the service for the long term, then a yearly subscription makes more sense, as it's around $60 cheaper.

If you're unsure, you can go for a 14-day trial to test out all the features. Not only that, but Guitar Tricks also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee without asking any questions.


Artistworks features a more complex plan with three tiers: a 3-month plan, a 6-month plan, and an annual plan.

The 3-month plan gives you unlimited access to lessons and the video exchange library, but you can only make 5 video submissions to the instructor. This plan costs $105 for 3 months.

The 6-month plan also gives you unlimited access to lessons and the video exchange library. Still, here you get 25 backing tracks across instruments, and you can make up to 12 video submissions to your instructor. This plan costs $179 for 6 months.

The 12-month plan gives you unlimited access to lessons from the video exchange library, and you can make unlimited video submissions to your instructor. This plan also features VIP bonus content. This plan costs $279 for a year.

We recommend the annual plan if you want to use the service long-term, as it saves you around 33% while giving some extra features like unlimited submissions.

2. ArtistWorks vs Guitar Tricks - Website Formats

Guitar Tricks Advanced Path Screenshot
guitar tricks advanced path screenshot

We’ll compare the general layout and interfaces of both websites. For us, Guitar Tricks had better ease-of-use and was easier to learn. Here are some details about both.

Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks has an interface that's easy to navigate and is friendly for people who aren’t very tech savvy and may have trouble navigating complex websites. The site is simple in design and features sections that include beginner, advanced, song lessons, and learning styles.

You can sift through these through the top main navigation bar or the right sidebar. The video lessons are easy to find, and you can just use your mouse to scroll between the pages.


Artistworks doesn't feature an interface as easy to use as the interface featured in Guitar Tricks. However, you can still learn to navigate the website if you spend a couple of minutes trying to understand it.

Artistworks first allows you to take a lesson and practice. You can also film yourself playing, and you can get video feedback from your instructor if you choose the plan that allows you to do this. 

The social element of this service is a great plus point, as it allows you to learn with your fellow students and make it into more of a social experience.

3. ArtistWorks vs Guitar Tricks Courses

Guitar Tricks Ipad App Screenshot

Both websites provide courses for the guitar at most difficulty levels, but Artistworks has a larger number of courses for several musical instruments. If you're looking to learn a diverse range of instruments, then Artistworks is the clear winner here.

Guitar Tricks

We can recommend Guitar Tricks to almost any guitar player, no matter their skill level. As mentioned in the previous section, some sections allow users to choose the type of lesson they want. Once you choose your desired section, you’ll find different courses, which are then divided into chapters, and these chapters have multiple lessons.

Every lesson on Guitar Tricks also has dedicated info and a notation tab, and most of these lessons have a backing track that you can jam to using the skill you just learned in the video lesson.


Artistworks has a video guitar lesson for both new and advanced guitarists. Every course on Artistworks has a video lesson that allows you to learn the guitar step by step. There are three difficulty tiers for each lesson: beginner, intermediate, and advanced difficulties.

However, Artistworks has a video lesson for almost any musical instrument while also offering courses for different guitars, including the acoustic, electric, bass, and classical.

4. Backing Tracks and Guitar Styles

Guitar Tricks Jam Station Screenshot
Guitar Tricks Jam Station Screenshot

Guitar Tricks features a larger catalog of backing tracks and guitar styles than Artistworks, but Artistworks focuses on techniques rather than having you learn a song.

Guitar Tricks

There are around 700 licensed songs featured on Guitar Tricks, and a new song is added almost every week. All lessons include the notation and tablature and a backing track. The songs are also broken down into steps and are taught from start to finish.

You probably won't find lessons from all the songs you like. However, the website features a lot of technique lessons to help you learn new songs. There are also more than 1,200 jam tracks in multiple genres including:

  • Classical
  • Blues
  • Acoustic
  • Funk
  • Jazz.


It may be disappointing to hear that Artistworks doesn't have an impressive catalog of songs like Guitar Tricks. If you want to learn more than a handful of songs to play on the guitar, then Artistworks isn't the best option for you.

However, the main focus here is to learn the technique. 

Once you perfect your techniques, you shouldn't have any problems playing the songs you want to play. Like Guitar Tricks, there are backing tracks on Artistworks for every style of guitar they cover, and you can find these backing tracks on the Study Materials part of the website.

5. Guitar Tricks vs ArtistWorks - Video Lessons

Guitar Tricks Course Sample Screenshot
Guitar Tricks Course Sample Screenshot

Both websites feature a similar video player and video lesson format. However, Guitar Tricks features an easier and more accessible interface.

Guitar Tricks

Every video lesson on Guitar Tricks is shot from three angles using HD cameras and is extremely easy to navigate. You can also loop parts by setting a starting and an ending point.

You can slow down the video to half the speed or speed it up to twice the speed. You can also find the tabs and notations about the lessons and sometimes even lyrics of the song just below the video.


Artistworks has short, to-the-point video lessons where the instructor gives an in-depth demonstration of the technique you’re learning.

The video player is fairly simple even though it doesn't have most features on other sites. However, it's still able to provide a smooth and polished experience. You can also slow down the video, just like on Guitar Tricks.

6. Guitar Teachers

Both services have several professional guitar teachers. But, Guitar Tricks has more active guitar instructors compared to Artistworks.

Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks currently has around 32 active guitar teachers. Most of these teachers are professionals and are well-known people in the music industry. Every teacher is a genre expert, while some specialize in several genres.

There are several teachers for rock, blues, and classical lessons, and you can get teachers for electric and acoustic guitar.


Artistworks doesn't have nearly as many teachers as Guitar Tricks for guitar lessons. However, the teachers there are well-known people in the music industry, which means you can get some of the best musicians to teach you musical instruments on Artistworks.

The teachers on Artistworks are charismatic, friendly, and enthusiastic, and they’re incredibly knowledgeable and cooperative.

Which Service Do We Recommend?

We recommend using Guitar Tricks, especially if you wish to learn the guitar, as it's cheaper and has a larger number of lessons that go into a lot of detail. It also covers several genres, songs, styles, and techniques, and it has almost everything you need to learn guitar.

Artistworks, on the other hand, has a wider variety of musical instruments to learn, but it doesn't offer as much depth as Guitar Tricks for guitar, specifically.

Whichever you choose in ArtistWorks vs Guitar Tricks, you’ll have access to plenty of high-quality lessons. They’re both strong options to learn guitar with.

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