Best Guitar Straps 2022 | Comfort, Support, and Performance

You might have bought a new guitar or are looking to move into the world of live performances. In either case, a guitar strap is an important piece of kit. There are many factors to consider before you make a purchase.  We will touch on these factors before reviewing our top picks for the best guitar straps.


How Do I Set Up My Strap?


Leather vs Fabric 

Leather guitar straps are built to last. If taken care of they can last a lifetime and beyond. This also means that leather straps are more expensive. You should think about whether you are the kind of person who will look after the strap and not lose it. If not, maybe you should go for something more cost-effective.

Leather is more comfortable than most other types of straps as they are often wider. There is also extra padding on many variants. You should definitely account for this if you have a heavier guitar such as a Les Paul or a bass.

Leather straps are obviously not free from animal products. Many fabric straps have leather bindings too. It is important to check product descriptions to be sure you're buying a vegan-friendly strap if that is what you’re after.

Fabric options have the benefit of being more varied in their design. You can show your personality or match your genre with a fabric strap.

If you’re the type of person to lose things then a fabric strap is likely a better choice as it's easily replaced.

Fabric guitar straps are awesome to have on your spare guitar. Changing your leather strap over to another guitar can be a frustrating exercise. This is due to having to adjust the strap for different guitars. Having a spare cheap fabric strap means the guitar can be set up and ready to go without this hassle.


What Width Should I Get?

When considering which guitar strap to pick you must think about how it will sit on your body. It is generally considered that a wider strap is more comfortable for heavy guitars. They are also great for performing long sets but the opposite is true if you don’t have very broad shoulders. You may find a wide strap digs into your neck or hangs off the side if you don't have space across your shoulder blade.



Some straps only adjust using buttons that are a set distance apart. This means that the guitar can only be set to a height matching those buttons. You may want to buy a strap with a more precise adjustment style. This is particularly true if you are very specific about where you like the guitar to sit. If you are just learning how to play guitar, getting your adjustments right can speed up your learning by perfecting your posture.


Do Some Straps Match Certain Guitars?

Most straps will work with every type of guitar but some straps use designs specific to acoustic, electric, or bass guitars. They have certain functions such as larger pinholes or more padding. These complement their paired instrument to make a perfect fit. These features are generally for the more expensive straps. Something more basic will do the job but will not be catered for exact use. Thin straps may be better for children or smaller guitars.

A Quick Look At The Best Guitar Straps For 2021
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The Best Leather Guitar Straps

The Best Leather Guitar Strap For Acoustic Guitars

Taylor Wings 2.5"

Taylor Wings Strap Image
  • Trusted brand
  • Layered leather design
  • Large strap hole for endpin jacks
  • Less suitable for electric guitars
  • Some may not like the inlay

Taylor is a trusted guitar manufacturer and their straps live up to this reputation. This strap is 2.5” wide which is a perfect middle ground width. It can handle heavier guitars without feeling too thick across your shoulder.

It has a multilayered design that provides thickness for comfort and good looks. Accompanying this is an understated inlay that doesn’t draw too much attention. The inlay gives the strap enough personality to avoid being boring but may not appeal to all users. There is also a brown and white version of this strap.

One hole on this strap is a little larger to account for endpin jacks. Many acoustic guitars use endpin jacks for their pickups. I have personally struggled to push a strap over an endpin jack several times so this feels like a nice addition. Yet, this means it may fit a little loose on guitars with smaller strap buttons. This inclusion makes it more suitable for acoustic guitars and less so for electric.

The Best leather Guitar Strap For Bass And Other Heavy Instruments

Levy's MSS2-4

Levy's MSS2-4 Product Image
  • Fast break in leather
  • Comfortable for long use
  • Perfect for heavy instruments
  • Blocky adjustment

This strap is THICC! It's designed for bass players and those of us with heavy guitars. A thick strap means support is spread across a wider area. This makes it easier to have the guitar hanging on your body for long periods.

There are a few reasons why we chose this strap over other thick straps. The MSS2-4 from Levy's is specifically designed to break in quickly. This means it moulds to you and will fit like a dream in no time. Levy's is also an authoritative brand in guitar straps so you know it is built to last.

This strap is not the best choice for people that are very particular about playing height. This is because the adjustment is a little clunky. It is also not the best for smaller players or those with lighter guitars. The MSS2-4 is for big bodies with heavy guitars and does a great job of it.

Leather Guitar Straps On A Budget

Fender Baseball Glove Leather Guitar Strap

Fender BaseBall Glove Leather Strap - Product Image
  • "Baseball glove" leather
  • Durable
  • Classic Style
  • No fancy additions

It's obvious that Fender is a huge name for guitars as they have produced some of the greatest guitars of all time. Their accessories are less famous but are also of a high standard. They are the perfect accompaniment to your Fender guitar or any other guitar for that matter.

Fender offers a range of leather straps. This particular strap is one of our favorites because of its finish. The brown or black baseball glove leather offers something a little different to a plain black or brown strap.

This strap is also very comfortable and worthy of a lifetime's use. It is likewise built to last that long. It’s a classic build of classic quality with classic styling. Well worth your consideration for a basic leather strap.

Levy's MSS3 Suede Guitar Strap

Levy's MSS3 Suede Product Image
  • Suede leather
  • Tough
  • Range of colors
  • Gets dirty easy

If you are a fan of suede leather, this is the strap for you. I personally love suede guitar straps so it would have been rude to not include one in our top picks.

Suede may get dirty quicker than other leather straps but that also can add to a worn-in look.  Perfect to match a relic guitar. You could also keep it clean instead 

This is yet another tough strap built for the long haul if you look after it. The strap is thick enough to be comfortable for long use. It has strong adjustment holes but the spacing is reasonably far apart. This means the adjustments are not super precise.

The Best Fabric Guitar Straps

The Best Locking Guitar Strap

DiMarzio ClipLock 2”

DiMarzio Cliplock - Product Image
  • Sturdy clip-in design
  • Easily adjusted
  • Locking strap system
  • Requires installation

If you plan to be a serious gigging musician then you will likely want to have strap locks on your guitar. Strap locks keep the strap from getting disconnected from the guitar. This can happen while moving around with your guitar. I have even seen it happen to guitarists that are sitting down and moving slightly in their chair.

The DiMarzio ClipLock combines the sturdiness of a strap lock with the convenience of a removable strap. The strap can clip off easily meaning it can be moved between other guitars. The other guitars must also have ClipLock installed on them.

One potential problem with this strap is that it requires a little installation. The strap ends from the ClipLock must replace the existing strap holders. This means you must put new screws into your guitar which can be a little daunting. It is a simple procedure and you have all the parts you need included with the strap. You can pay a luthier to do it if you’re feeling intimidated by doing this yourself.

The Best Polyester Strap

Perri's Polyester Guitar Strap

Perries Polyester Strap - Product Image
  • Fun designs
  • Leather ends
  • Can seem tacky

These guitar straps are perfect for expressing yourself and come in a range of fun designs. There is surely at least one among them that you will find interesting.  The designs on the straps are heat transferred. This allows them to be durable and detailed.

They will last a long time as they have leather ends to support the weight of the guitar. Having leather also helps to prevent wear of the strap buttonholes. The polyester itself is also weaved in a way that makes it durable.

The 2” strap width is appropriate for lighter guitars and smaller bodies. Most fabric straps are this width so it's kind of an industry standard.

The Best Budget Guitar Straps

Ernie Ball 2” Poly Pro Strap

Ernie Ball PolyPro Strap product Image
  • Cheap
  • Basic but reliable
  • Boring

A plain basic strap that does what it’s supposed to. These straps have leather ends for longevity and have a range of colors to suit any user. They are a nice basic strap from a trusted guitar brand that will last a decent time.

Perri's 2” Nylon Guitar Strap

Perries Nylon Guitar Strap - Product Image
  • Vegan friendly
  • Range of Colors
  • Nylon ends not as durable as leather

These straps are very similar to the Ernie Ball straps. These are a little less durable though due to having nylon as the end pieces instead of leather. However, this also means that these straps are vegan friendly. An important consideration for those among us that are conscious of the environment.

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