The 5 Best Online Guitar Courses for Kids

Has your child recently developed an interest in learning guitar after hearing some of your favorite hits in the car? Regardless, learning an instrument forces a child’s brain to work with both hemispheres, which makes it excellent for brain development.

If your kid wants to begin their journey of becoming a guitarist, and they keep asking you to sign them up for lessons, you don’t have to worry anymore! Read on as we show you the best online guitar courses for kids offered by GuitarTricks, OutSchool, and others that will help your child learn how to play guitar.

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Best Online Guitar Courses For Kids


Best Online Guitar Courses For Kids

This platform has a wide variety of courses designed for kids. You can find one that’s called Intro to Guitar for Young Beginners. This course teaches young children the basic techniques and theory of the guitar. It offers a 30-minute introductory session that covers topics like how to pluck a string, how to hold a guitar, and how to strum chords. After this session, your child can enroll in longer sessions and even private sessions.

As stated on their site, all you need to have to enroll is a guitar and the willingness to have fun! This course is dictated by Ben Gitter, and it’s available on Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays! If by any chance you own a 3-string guitar, that's fine too!

GuitarTricks Guitar Fundamentals I and II

Best Online Guitar Courses For Kids

Among the best online guitar courses for kids are Guitar Fundamentals I and II, both of which are taught by Lisa McCormick. She’s an excellent and friendly teacher who covers the topics at a moderate pace, which makes these courses beginner-friendly and kid-friendly.

These two courses are especially good for kids because they begin with the basics. Also, since these lessons are pre-recorded, your child can repeat each one as many times as they need to.

Some of the topics that are covered in both courses are as follows:

  • Tuning
  • Melody and some musical elements
  • Timing
  • Changing from chord to chord
  • Strumming techniques
  • Major scales
  • Power chords
  • Notation and tablature

This course is recommended for every child above the age of 7 who would like to start learning how to play guitar. The best part is that there’s a two-week free trial. As a result, your kid will have enough time to decide if they’d like to continue learning!

Little Kids Rock Course

Best Online Guitar Courses For Kids

These lessons are aimed at kids above the age of 7 who would like to start learning how to play guitar while having fun. You can’t go wrong with this website, as it was built by musicians for musicians.

Little Kids Rock Course specializes in rock music and some of its subgenres. It has 96 minutes of instructional content. This course was crafted to be enjoyed by every kid who has demonstrated some passion for music.

For only $9.99, you can get the complete course, with the option to download or stream each lesson. At a price like this, we trust that you won’t regret signing up your kid for this guitar course.

Kid’s Guitar Dojo

Best Online Guitar Courses For Kids

Kids Guitar Dojo encourages kids to start learning how to play guitar from a very early age. Not only will this be an excellent skill for when they’re older, but it will also help them train their brain to work better.

This website offers young students video tutorials and lessons that are designed to be beginner-friendly and kid-friendly. Their courses include beginner fundamentals of the guitar, Star Wars-themed lessons, a free micro-course, and more. Kid’s Guitar Dojo also encourages daily practice so children can better retain the information they learn.

For the price of $197, you’ll get the entire fundamentals course, where your kid will learn everything about strumming, rhythm, notation, tablature, major and minor scales, chords, and much more! The rest of the courses are much cheaper, costing $8 each.

Thumbs Up Kids Guitar by Udemy

Best Online Guitar Courses For Kids

This course offered by Udemy is designed for kids and beginners, so if you would like to tag along with your children through this online course, know that it’s possible. Thumbs Up Kids teaches the fundamentals of guitar and music theory, such as strumming, scales, tablature, and more.

Udemy offers a huge discount of 84% for this course, bringing the total price down to $13.99. Lindsey Ginn, the creator of this course, has only one requirement: to have a guitar with you and to have fun!


  • Best Online Guitar Courses For Kids

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