The 20 Best Youtube Guitar Lesson Channels

The beauty of picking up a guitar in this day and age is that whether you want to learn about picking, scales, chords, or perhaps even learn a new song, finding help is easy. The internet is filled with thousands of resources to help you in your guitar journey.

As long as you have a guitar and a good internet connection, you might not have to worry about spending more money on lessons. A lot of information on guitar playing can be gotten for free from the internet.

YouTube, in particular, is filled with thousands of hours of guitar content that could be used to advance one's skills. Featuring everything from simple beginner lessons to complex breakdowns, YouTube is without a doubt a guitarist's best friend when it comes to the internet.

However, YouTube’s greatest strength is also often its greatest weakness. Scouring through the thousands of guitar videos to find detailed videos may sometimes prove difficult.

We went through the various YouTube videos and came up with a list of the best YouTube guitar lesson channels.

1. Justin Guitar

youtube guitar lesson

Seeing that he’s credited as being one of the pioneers of online guitar lessons in the world, it should come as no surprise we decided to start our list with Justin Guitar. Since starting his YouTube channel, Justin Sandercore has released over 1000 guitar lesson videos. His guitar videos have amassed over 230 million views. Let's just take a moment to think about the millions of guitarists this man has tutored.

Sorting through many videos to find a specific video can be a pain, so his videos are categorized into extensive playlists covering specific subjects. Whether you want info on a particular genre, style, or technique, there’s probably something for you on this channel.

Before starting the channel, Justin's was both a teacher and a performer. This means he has on-ground experience on what it takes to be a good guitarist. Not many guitarists on YouTube can brag about recommendations from Steve Vai and Brian May.

Also, Justin has a separate channel dedicated specifically to song tutorials. This way, you can get easy progress-based lessons from one channel and practice your skills with songs on the other channel.

2. Guitar Jamz/Marty Music

youtube guitar lesson

As you start your guitar journey, you’re probably going to want to know how to tune your guitar. Should you decide to search YouTube for a lesson on how to do so, you’ll probably come across an easy-going dude with a trademark fedora hat. Marty Schwartz, the dude, has been a guitar teacher for many years now, with his first video going back almost 12 years ago.

He has a unique way of ensuring his lessons are as entertaining as possible while still being packed with tons of detailed information. Be it picking, strumming, new chords, scales, even songs, there’s probably a Marty Schwartz lesson on it.

Even then, one area he stands out in is his in-depth song tutorials. He has lots of step-by-step lessons on how to tackle specific songs from beginning to end. He offers tricks on how to approach specific sections and even gives easier alternatives on some. He also often gives additional resources such as PDFs or links to his website that can further help you out.

Also, while he has lessons playing the electric guitar, it’s with acoustic guitar lessons that he’s more popular. If you’re a beginner guitarist or if you’re looking for lessons on a particular song, Marty Music is without a doubt one of the best places to start.

3. Andy Guitar

youtube guitar lesson

Another great channel you will probably come across in your guitar journey is Andy Guitar. The channel is filled with more than 500 lessons specifically designed to help beginners transition to an intermediate level of playing. If you’re an advanced player, there will be better options for you on this list.

You’ll notice that the lessons are so easy to understand, with Andy doing the lessons step by step. You won't need to worry about having any prior knowledge going into this channel. He covers everything from how to hold your guitar to how to take care of it to how to tune it to how to use various guitar effects. This is one of the best places to get guitar basics.

You can also find tons of easy song tutorials to keep you entertained in your journey. Andy even interprets some difficult songs into easier versions that can be played by less skilled players.

As a bonus, Andy also teaches various music theory lessons on the channel that guitarists can use to improve their overall skills.

4. Swiftlessons

youtube guitar lesson

Rob Swift is another great guitar teacher you can learn from on YouTube. He started posting demos of various guitar products before slowly transitioning into an all-around guitar instructor. Today, he has a lot of guitar lessons aimed at players from various genres, styles, and levels of music.

His videos range from simple beginner strumming lessons to complex advanced guitar lessons. You’ll also find tons of cool guitar tricks and tips that could help you impress your friends. Like Marty Schwartz, he has cool takes on songs and his song tutorials are some of the best on the internet. He also gives valuable tips on technique and sometimes adds bonus tips to make the songs even cooler.

He starts his videos by giving a full demonstration of what the entire video will be about before transitioning into a step-by-step guide of everything he demonstrates. Being a singer, Rob also occasionally gives tips on how to tackle songs that require singing and playing at the same time. Rob encourages his players to always take things slow, ensuring you not only come out with additional skills but also with important techniques that may help in other areas.

He has one of the best YouTube guitar lessons playlists, with detailed catalogs of in-depth tackled areas.

5. TrueFire

youtube guitar lesson

TrueFire is arguably one of the most comprehensive guitar lessons channels on YouTube. Imagine a platform where the best of the best in the guitar world all come together to give their takes on specific techniques in playing and different music styles. That is exactly what TrueFire aims to achieve.

Whether it be Blues, Rock, Jazz, or even Classical music, TrueFire probably has a professional to give you a description of how to achieve your guitar goals. For advanced players, this is one of the best resources to help you understand exactly how the pros do it. TrueFire is also a good resource to get accustomed to professionals in the industry and learn exactly what makes them stand out from the rest. You can then use this knowledge to develop your style of playing.

Imagine getting lessons from guitar legends like Steve Vai, Tommy Emmanuel, and Robben Ford, amongst many others. This is a good place for intermediate and advanced players to add to what they already know. The platform also comes with tons of resources like tablature and sheet music.

6. JamPlay

youtube guitar lesson

Just like TrueFire, JamPlay is filled with lessons from various professionals. With multiple camera angles on most of the videos and detailed explanations by the Pros, you will have easy time acquiring information and improving your guitar skills.

Learn techniques and styles such as Rumba Flamenco, Travis Picking, tapping, and Bluegrass techniques, as well as many more, from professional players. The beauty of this channel is that you also get the best of both worlds, whether it’s electric guitar lessons or acoustic lessons.

For beginner musicians, the unstructured lessons can prove difficult to use when it comes to looking for a specific topic. However, using the playlist section can help you sort out the videos to find what you’re looking for.

After some time, you might want to sign up on their website for their structured lessons and more content. Occasionally, JamPlay offers various discounts on their packages and a 30-day free trial before the purchase is confirmed and is without a doubt one of the most affordable platforms for online guitar.

7. GuitarTricks

Apart from TrueFire and JamPlays, there aren't many online guitar platforms that can challenge GuitarTricks when it comes to who has the most comprehensive list of videos. The platform has survived years of constant competition from multiple channels and still manages to remain one of the best. The reason for this is obvious when you consider just how many people have benefited from the platform.

Like TrueFire and JamPlay, this YouTube page features multiple progress-based lessons from a select list of professional guitarists. For players just starting their guitar journey, the detailed step-by-step guides are a definite plus in ensuring your transition to an intermediate level is smooth.

Learn picking skills, strumming skills, new chords, and songs from the platform's range of lessons.

8. Guitareo

youtube guitar lesson

This platform was designed to help beginners start their journey and experienced players increase their skills. With over 100 million views since its inception, it’s no surprise the first lesson most guitarists get is usually from this channel.

For beginners, the lessons are arranged in a gradual manner moving from “how to carry your guitar” to “how to tune your guitar into your first chord” to strumming and then playing. We know—beautiful! For advanced players, the lessons are also presented in a similar manner, allowing you to improve your skills slowly but surely.

The video quality is also quite nice, with most videos having a fret board camera to allow you to see exactly where the instructor's hands are. You also get to save time, as the lessons are often very straight to the point without any additional useless information.

A common habit amongst many YouTube channels is teaching a new skill, scale, or perhaps even a chord without giving a follow-up on where you’ll use them. Fortunately, Guitareo's step-by-step lessons help a lot in ensuring you’re not left hanging and always keep moving.

9. GuitarZero2Hero

youtube guitar lesson

For acoustic fingerstyle players, GuitarZero2Hero is, without a doubt, one of the best resources you could use while on YouTube. When you consider the number of fingerstyle classics played on guitar over the years, you may have never picture yourself being able to play them all. Considering GuitarZero2Hero has over 500 lessons specifically on cool fingerpicked songs, you’ll be able to play a good portion of these songs without breaking a sweat.

Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo, Dean Lewis, Nirvana, Queen—name the artist and you’ll find a lesson on how to play one of their songs. Some guitarists believe that the best way to learn guitar is by learning new songs. If you’re one of those guitarists, GuitarZero2Hero would be a good place to learn new songs.

10. Paul Davids

youtube guitar lesson

Paul Davids has a bachelor's degree in music with a minor in teaching from the Rotterdam Conservatory. He has impressive teaching and performing record with over 20 years of experience in both. Paul has managed to build a good taste in what sounds good on the guitar, and he shares this in many ways with his followers.

Earlier on, he would create backing tracks in various keys before he transitioned to giving song tutorials and technique lessons. Today, his videos are a mixture of song tutorials, lists, arrangements, and comparisons.

For extra, more detailed, progress-based lessons, you can visit his page at, where he has a beginner course that goes across multiple disciplines and tackles various playing techniques.

Even then, the information he has on his YouTube channel is also quite more than enough if you’re looking for a platform that can help you increase your skills and knowledge.

11. Steve Stine Guitar Lessons

youtube guitar lesson

Judging from this list, it should be pretty clear now that whenever a guitar instructor has his channel named after him, then there is a pretty good chance he is an epic teacher.

Steve Stine has it all when it comes to guitar instruction, experience, skills, fame, education, and good hair. He holds a bachelor's degree in music from Minnesota and has been an instructor and performer for over 30 years. During that time, he’s interacted with some of the greatest guitarists in the world and been on some cool platforms. For this reason, you shouldn't be surprised to see him on some other channels sharing his knowledge.

With all this experience, guitarists of all levels would without a doubt benefit from interacting with him. However, when it comes to his YouTube channel, the lessons would be most helpful to intermediate and advanced players. He breaks down complex subjects into easy-to-understand music theory lessons for all types of guitarists.

Fret board mastery, soloing, scales, sequences, and patterns—he tackles all these areas. He also gives quite informative lessons while playing the acoustic guitar.

12. Marco Cirilo

youtube guitar lesson

If you’re looking for simple lessons that will have you sounding cool in no time, Marco Cirilo is probably one good option to consider on YouTube. Although some of his lessons are by no means suitable for beginners, you could probably learn a thing or two from each of his videos.

More specifically, it’s his fingerstyle lessons that most guitarists will know him for. He teaches various fingerstyle techniques and has tons of interesting songs to get you going. He also has a cool way of making advanced chords seem simple. He teaches new chords and cool-sounding progressions. This makes the lessons always seem like learning a new song.

He arranges and composes all his lessons so you can rest assured you’ll always learn something unique from him. While his channel isn't necessarily new, he only recently started to get noticed. It will be interesting to see what Marco has to offer in the coming years. For some cool chord lessons, this is a nice place.

13. Simplified Guitar

youtube guitar lesson

As the name suggests, this channel is made up of various songs that have been adapted to make them playable by beginners.

While on your journey, one thing you will realize is that you move more efficiently and further by focusing on smaller topics than overwhelming yourself to learn multiple things at the same time. This channel helps beginners to take a step back and take account of exactly how far they’ve come and where they aim to go in terms of their playing.

Every week, two new songs are uploaded to the channel, giving you plenty of work to keep you busy. The songs are also just easy enough to act as a breather between weekly practice sessions.

For beginners looking to work specifically on their coordination skills, or for those looking to add to their repertoire, Simplified Guitar is the place to go. Even then, there are almost 100 video lessons on the channel made specifically for advanced players. This means that you can still get something no matter what level of playing you’re at.

14. The-Art-Of-Guitar

youtube guitar lesson

Considering a good portion of the channels above either mix acoustic and electric guitars or primarily focus on acoustic guitar, The-Art-of-Guitar is a good place for guitarists who want to learn some tricks on specifically the electric guitar. Mike has an extensive list of lessons tackling various skills you could employ in your playing.

Here you could learn the CAGED system of playing in ten minutes, learn some cool tricks, learn multiple songs—the list goes on and on. Mike tries to make the lessons fun and entertaining, sharing his experiences and taking on various songs to express his thoughts and views.

Seeing that Mike has over 25 years of playing the guitar and even owns a music school, you’d be a fool not to listen to what he had to say when it came to the guitar. To find the lessons on this channel, go to the playlist section and scroll to the art of guitar lessons catalog.

15. GuitarLessons365Song

youtube guitar lesson

Just from the name, you might be able to tell that this is a song tutorial channel. In addition, with over 365 videos already posted, you could learn something new every day for an entire year. Like the previous choice, GuitarLessons365Song is filled with tons of electric guitar lessons that will have you impressing your friends and family in no time.

Think about any guitar song with an iconic electric guitar part, and you’ll probably be able to find it here. Since its beginning in 2009, the Guitarlessons365 community has continued to gradually grow, and once you look at the lessons on this page, it will probably all make sense why.

The lessons are informative, and Carl Brown makes sure to tackle all the key areas when explaining specific lessons. As a bonus, sometimes Carl includes TABS or other resources to assist players in better understanding lessons. If you’re an electric guitar player looking for cool songs to impress your friends and family with, then this is it.

16. Lets Play Guitar

youtube guitar lesson

While the person who owns this channel rarely shows his place, he gives pretty good tutorials on how to play various songs. Primarily, this is a channel for acoustic fingerstyle players.

The lessons are well detailed and easy to follow considering the cameras are pointed directly to the hands and picking fingers. Visually, you might notice that this channel is pretty similar to GuitarZero2Hero with small differences in the number of videos posted.

As most of the arrangements are fingerpicked, you can use this channel to develop your right-hand finger coordination skills as you transition from strumming. The arrangements here can also act as a standard from which you could borrow when learning to arrange.

Important to note is that while this is exclusively a song tutorial channel, there are a few technical skills and extra skills, such as hammer-ons and pull-offs, you could learn from playing the songs. Be sure to check out the Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift song tutorials here for a blast!

17. For3v3rfaithful

youtube guitar lesson

Another great resource for guitarists is the For3v3rfaithful channel. Here you’ll meet one of the most wholesome teachers on YouTube. Ellen takes you through various songs in a manner that’s easy to understand and that leaves you happy you took up the lesson.

For beginner to intermediate guitarists, this platform is filled with tons of information that can be very helpful to you. Generally, the videos are mostly song lessons that Ellen simplifies to make them playable by even the most unskilled players. She also offers tips on basic guitar that other sites may not have. For instance, she gives tips on how to handle painful fingers when playing, and tips on how to stop the strings from buzzing, amongst many others.

For easy-to-understand fundamental lessons, this is another great place you could kick off your guitar journey with.

18. Rhett Shull

youtube guitar lesson

While you’ll find technique lessons here, this is primarily a good channel from where you could learn about guitar gear and different types of guitars. Rhett does honest reviews of various guitar accessories and gives helpful tips on how to use them.

You can find information about strings, pedals, amps, guitars, how to travel with a guitar, levels of fuzz, and controversial topics from the guitar world.

What we love about this channel is that it has a good balance of information that’s not primarily meant for playing but just information you could find helpful in terms of gear and challenges you might face.

19. YourGuitarSage

youtube guitar lesson

Erich Andreas is one guitar content creator you may come across now and then. A quick review of his channel reveals years of videos focusing on scales, chords, soloing, and many song tutorials. He has a background as an educator and shares his extensive knowledge with extra videos on various guitar subjects.

He also offers unique tips that can help you improve your skills quicker; an example is his popular “How to master the fret board quicker,” which has gathered over 1.8 million views.

20. Active Melody

youtube guitar lesson

We figure what better way to finish our list than just how we started it, with a channel that offers a comprehensive list of guitar lesson videos.

This channel is packed with tons of extra tips you could use to spice up your playing. Learn about pentatonic scales, basic major chords, basic minor chords, funk rhythm guitar ideas, how to smoothly glide across the fret board, and many other cool lessons from this channel.

The lessons are easy to understand and straight to the point. This ensures you always save time and walk out a better player.

Choose From the Best YouTube Guitar Lesson Channels

The list of resources you could use from YouTube is endless, and what's even better is it keeps getting bigger. Just like any school, you’ll find that some guitar instructors will work for you more than others. It’s up to you to find one that works for you and stick with them.

Identify the strength areas of each channel and focus on getting knowledge from them. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to learn one thing from multiple sources, as more often than not you’ll come out more confused than you went in. Hopefully, our list will help you narrow down your searches and save you time. Perhaps, you could use the extra time you've gotten from here to practice—you're welcome!


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