Drums For Kids | The 5 Best Drum Sets For Children

A Quick Look At The Best Drums For Kids

Your kid is a rockstar already with their personality. Now it's time to get them into music too. Drums for kids are a great place to start. Playing the drums will teach them about rhythm and musical structure. It will also help them to develop discipline and a love of music. Most importantly, playing drums is a lot of fun. When you are ready to take the plunge we have compiled a list of the best drums for kids to help you to make a decision.

The Overall Best Drums For Kids - ddrum D1 5 Piece Kit

DD Drums Kids Kit Product Image

  • Pros
  • High quality
  • Complete kit
  • Premium brand
  • Cons
  • Cymbals are just okay

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Most Drums for kids aren’t built by such a prestigious brand as ddrum. This kit has the same quality you can expect from their larger kits in terms of the drum shells. The cymbals still leave a little to be desired but they are well above standard for junior cymbals.

This kit has everything you need including sticks, hardware, cymbals, and throne. You won’t have to spend any extra money on other parts. These kits are built to last and would make a perfect hand-me-down between siblings.

It comes in red, black, or blue to suit the decor of your home and the personality of your child.

The Best 3 Piece Drums For Kids - TKO 99 Junior 3 Piece Drum Set

Tko Kids kit

  • Pros
  • Professional look
  • Available in a range of colors
  • Standalone Snare Drum
  • High-quality wood shells
  • Cons
  • Cymbal mounted to the bass drum

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A 3 piece kit of drums for kids may be a better choice for you because of space requirements. That doesn’t mean you can’t get a premium product.

The snare drum is standalone which is a characteristic missing from many other 3 piece kits. Having the snare on its own allows for more variation in the way the kit is set up. If the snare is in a more natural position it will be easier for your child to migrate to a full-size kit.

This drum set has quality wood shells that are durable enough to survive the heavy beating of a child. They also have chrome-plated hardware meaning they are resistant to rust.

A standout feature for this kit is the finish. It is available in a range of colors including purple, red, black, blue, and silver. The paint has a metallic sheen and has matching bass rims for a professional appearance.

The Best Budget Drums For Kids - Mendini By Cecilio 3 Piece Junior Drum Set

Mendini 3 piece kids kit

  • Pros
  • Great price
  • Sturdy hardware
  • Cons
  • Bass drum mounted snare and cymbal
  • Doesn't sound as good as more expensive kits

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These drums for kids are fantastic for their price. They come with everything you need including sticks and a drum throne.

The shells are of decent quality and the hardware feels rugged enough for long use. They don’t sound as good as the more expensive kits but are fine for a beginner. Let’s face it your child is likely to just belt the life out of the kit to begin with.

They come in a range of decent finishes including green, pink, black, and blue. The finish does not look as premium as the TKO kits but it also doesn’t look ‘plasticky’ like some other budget kits do.

The Best Electronic Drums For Kids - Orasant Electronic Drum Set

Orasant electronic kit

  • Pros
  • Quieter than acoustic kits
  • Easily packed away
  • 10hrs battery life
  • Cons
  • Small playing surface

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It may be worth considering an electronic kit of drums for kids for many reasons. One such reason being for your own sanity. Your child can practice as much as they want with headphones on and it won’t be anywhere near as loud.

You can pack away practice kits when they are not in use to save space in your home. There are also more pads on this electronic kit than drums on an acoustic kit.

There are some downsides to this type of kit as well though. The individual pads don't separate to adjust for your kids playing. The pads are also smaller than a real drum so it requires a little more accuracy.

This kit comes with a built-in speaker to listen with or a headphone jack. It comes equipped with a USB connection to work with your computer and pedals to emulate a bass drum and hi-hats. This kid’s electronic drum kit also has 10hrs of battery playback so you can take it anywhere.

The Best Budget Kids 5 Piece Drums For Kids - Mendini By Cecilio 5 Piece Junior Drum Set

Mendini 5 piece kids kit

  • Pros
  • Significant upgrades to 3 piece kit
  • Standalone snare
  • Hi-hats included
  • Cons
  • For a little extra you could get the ddrums kit

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When compared to the Mendini 3 piece kit, this set of drums for kids is an upgrade in more ways than just adding extra shells. It now features a standalone snare and hi-hats with the hardware to set them up.

The finish is also more premium with a superior paint coating. The rims are now black on the toms and feel sturdier. The rim on the bass drum now matches the overall color of the kit. This makes the whole package look and feel more expensive.

Given these upgrades, it is easy to see how the 5 piece kit costs a whole lot more than the 3 piece kit from the same brand. Yet, this kit is still well under the price of other 5 piece kits on the market.


What Age Group are Junior Drum Sets For?

It depends more on size than age. A child aged between 3 and 10 should fit comfortably behind a junior drum kit. If your child is tall for their age or they are growing quickly it may be better to buy a full-size kit.


How Big Are Junior Drum Sets?

A junior drum set is likely to have between 3 and 5 drums in it plus cymbals. Many include just a splash cymbal while some will come with hi-hats too. Given that they come in different configurations, it is difficult to say how much space a junior kit uses.

The bass drum for most junior kits is around 16” wide. The average adult bass drum is about 20”-22" so the junior kick drum is ¾ the size of the adult one. The rest of the drum kit follows a similar ratio. You will have to give or take a little as each individual set is slightly different.


What Should My Budget Be?

There is a significant price difference between our budget pick and our top pick. You will need to ask yourself a few questions when deciding your budget for a junior kit.

One such question is how much use will the kit get? For example, your child could be 9 years old and pretty tall already. They are likely going to need to upgrade into a full-size kit within a year. In this case, you might be better off with a cheaper junior kit. If you have young kids that will use the kit for a longer time its likely worth the investment for a more expensive kit.

Another thing to consider is whether you have a lot of room in your house. A kids drum set with 3 drums and 1 cymbal will take up less space than a 5 piece kit. It will also be cheaper. Your budget could be lower if you’re aiming for a 3 piece kit.


What Does A Kids Drum Kit Include?

There are 3 types of drums included in a children’s drum set. Cymbals are often included too. Cymbals for junior kits are not to the same standard as more expensive adult-sized kits. This is to keep consumer costs down as high-quality cymbals are expensive to produce. You may want to consider upgrading the cymbals as your child progresses.

Bass Drum - This is the drum that sits on the floor and is also called a kick drum sometimes. This is because you use your foot and a pedal to play this drum. It is what plays the lower frequencies in a beat and is an essential part of any kit.

Snare Drum - Snare drums create the snappy sound from a drum kit. They do this by having wires on the underside of the drum or a similar mechanism.

Tom Drums - There will be from 1-3 toms included in the junior kit. These mount to the bass drum or separately on the floor. They are mainly used for fills and solos.

HiHats - These are two cymbals that are mounted to face each other. You can play them with the sticks or with a foot pedal. The distance they sit from each other can be adjusted to change the tone coming from the cymbals. This is the main cymbal you can hear in most tracks.

Splash/Crash Cymbal - A junior kit often comes with a single cymbal. Its intention is to accent the end of musical phrases or in lieu of a hi-hat for kits that don’t include hi-hats.

Hardware -  The metal parts that hold up cymbals. A pedal for the kick drum is also part of the hardware. You often have to buy hardware separately for adult drum sets. Junior drum sets will come with all the hardware it needs.

Drum Stool - A drum stool, or drum throne, allows the drummer to twist their body. Freedom to move around the kit while drumming is important.


How Many Pieces Is Best?

5 Piece kits are best for learners as they have more room to progress their skills. They are able to create more complex rhythms and get used to moving their hands to new places.

3 Piece kits are also fine to get started. They take up less room and are cheaper. Keep in mind, as your child improves you may have to add in a floor tom or something similar.


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