3 Free Online Guitar Courses to Check Out

Often, musicians need the help of a more experienced source. This is when most of us look for lessons and courses online. The truth is that most of these courses charge a monthly fee, but we’ve done some research and found the best free online guitar courses that you can start trying out today!

Platforms like Your Guitar Academy and GuitarLessons have some free content for people who aren’t able to pay for a full course at the moment but are eager to learn. Read on as we elaborate on how they work and what they teach so you can decide whether you’d like to enroll or not.

Free Online Guitar Courses

Online Guitar Courses for Free

Most of the platforms that offer online guitar courses, free or not, work with pre-recorded video lessons. These lessons can be taken at any time of the day and any day of the week since they’re not video calls or face-to-face classes. Let’s explore some of the websites that offer this service for free!

Your Guitar Academy

Free Online Guitar Courses

Even Eddie Van Halen had to start somewhere, and Your Guitar Academy will give you the right fundamental tools and guitar techniques so you can start your journey as a guitarist for free! Through separate lessons, electric guitar players and acoustic guitar players will learn most of the most basic stuff. As you go on, you’ll feel tempted to stay since they also offer song lessons and loop tracks so you can jam along with the track.

Your Guitar Academy is an excellent option for all those beginner guitarists who’d like to taste their potential. The video lessons are amazing and tackle each topic carefully so everyone can understand. We encourage you to explore this website so you can decide whether it suits the way you learn. Remember, intermediate and advanced lessons are also free!


Free Online Guitar Courses

Whether you play an acoustic or an electric guitar, GuitarLessons will help you with those beginner steps for the price of nothing! These free courses will encourage you to play during those events where you’re sitting around a campfire with your friends.

If you’d like to go even further than just being able to play campfire songs, GuitarLessons also has free courses that provide tips and tricks on how to play lead and rhythm guitar!

Not only that, but GuitarLessons will also walk you through music theory on the guitar and how to apply it when you’re playing. From chord shapes to scales to major and minor chords, GuitarLessons covers it all!

Moreover, there are many other free courses on this website that you can explore today!

Justin Guitar

Free Online Guitar Courses

By joining Justin Guitar’s website, you get more than 1,200 lessons for free! These lessons will help you as a beginner, intermediate, or advanced guitarist.

There’s also an app that you can use on your phone. The app features free lessons and is a great tool for students who don’t spend much time at home or those who travel with their guitars.

Justin Guitar is a website worth checking out. It has been recognized as one of the most efficient and reliable free websites on the internet.

Free Online Guitar Courses

Learning Through YouTube

YouTube has always been a major source of free content, including guitar lessons! Companies such as Fender have created their own spaces on this platform, so they post completely free lessons for everyone to watch. Through Fender Play’s channel, you can learn some basic techniques and songs that have been considered hymns of rock and roll.

Moreover, many content creators post lessons on their channels. Each of these channels dedicates its content to one genre, so you can look up the one that you’d like to learn. We recommend you check out our list of guitar technique YouTubers and our list of the best channels that teach songs.


  • Free Online Guitar Courses

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