What Is the Best Size Guitar for a 9 Year Old?

There aren't many better afterschool activities for a young 9-year-old than playing the guitar. It will help your kid develop as it’s is good for concentration, memory, and self-discipline. 

Anywhere between 5 and 10 years is the perfect age for your kid to start learning the guitar, so now is the right time to take your kid to his first guitar lesson. Now comes the trickier part, figuring out what is the right size guitar for your 9 year old. 

Read on as we make it as easy as possible to establish the best size guitar for a 9 year old. 

Whether this is their first guitar or they already have some smaller guitar, it is essential to pick the right guitar size to enjoy playing as much as possible instead of struggling throughout every guitar lesson. 

Let Your Kid Choose the Perfect Instrument

You want to make your kid's guitar lessons as comfortable as possible, so they don’t get discouraged because they struggle with the guitar. 

A larger guitar or a regular-sized guitar in the small hands of a 9-year-old can become a source of uncomfortable playing. It can even cause blisters which can eventually lead to loss of interest.

Kids, especially at this age, lose interest regularly, so you need to make it as exciting and comfortable as possible for them to continue learning the guitar. 

There are a lot of outstanding beginner guitar options like the Martin Little Martin that have all the characteristics of the regular guitar, except they are smaller. You don't have to buy some toy guitar since nowadays there are various smaller guitar or travel guitar options from well-known brands that will have a fantastic sound and feel, at a much lower price point. 

What Is the Best Size Guitar for a 9 Year Old? - The Stats

To choose between different guitar sizes, it would be ideal to take your kid to the store to try out some options to pick the correct size. 

If you can’t get to a music store, here is a list of the available smaller guitar options:

- ¼ size - overall length ~ 30" - ideal for 4-6 years and height of 3'9'' or 110cm

- ½ size - overall length ~ 34" - ideal for 5-8 years and height of 4'3'' or 130cm

- ¾ size - overall length ~ 36" - ideal for 8-11 years and height between 4'8'' and 5'1'' or 142-155 cm

Even though this list gives some hints for the age correlated to the size of the guitar, the most critical aspect is your kid's height. Nine-year-old kids will usually choose a 3/4 size guitar because they are suitable for most children that age since they cover anyone from 4'8'' to 5'1'' (142cm to 155cm) of height. 

They are a better option than 1/4 and 1/2 size guitars, mostly sound-wise. Because of that, they are the usual pick of the older professionals as a travel guitar. 

It could also be a good option to consider a full-sized guitar if your nine-year-old is taller than most of his peers because soon, they will probably outgrow the 3/4 size. 

Also, there is nothing wrong with buying your kid a 1/2 size guitar, even if they are made for ages 5 to 8. Some kids have smaller hands, so they will have trouble playing some of the first position chords on a 3/4 guitar. 

Remember, the only important thing here is to buy a guitar that will be comfortable for your 9-year-old. So, let your kid choose the right guitar size according to their preferences (Within reason). 

Rocking Out on a Les Paul or Quietly Practicing on an Acoustic Guitar?

What Is The Best Size Guitar For A 9 Year Old

Even before choosing the size of the guitar, you should establish whether your kid is interested in playing the acoustic, electric, or classical guitar. 

They all have their place, and all of them are good, so we can't recommend you get one instead of the other based on the quality. You’ll have to decide which suits your kid best.

Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic guitars are the most common options for beginners. Every other house has one, and everyone had at least one encounter with this type of guitar. They share some characteristics with the classical guitar, and models like Loog mini or Little Martin can be a perfect option for a beginner. 

But, it is vital to establish the difference between them early on. The first things you'll notice are the strings. Acoustic guitars use steel strings while classical guitars have nylon strings. 

The nylon ones are much softer and easier to play, but their sound is "limited," meaning that if your kid is not interested in playing classical music, they won't get much out of them. 

Also, classical guitars have a wider neck than an acoustic guitars, which can be a problem if your kid has smaller hands. 

Electric Guitars

On the other side, electric guitars like the almighty Gibson Les Paul and a Fender Stratocaster have a godlike status among guitarists. If your kid is interested in playing the guitar, it is likely because they've seen some of the guitar heroes rocking out on an electric guitar. 

Usually, they have a thinner neck and smaller body than acoustic guitars, which is excellent for a young guitarist. 

Which is Better?

Okay, this looks like an easy win for an electric guitar, but is it? 

There are a couple of cons to check in the electric guitar box. First is the price. Electric guitars are more expensive than both acoustic guitars and classical guitars. 

They usually go anywhere between 200 and 300 dollars, while you can get a decent small-size acoustic guitar for around 150 or 200 dollars. 

Add to that at least 100 dollars for an amp because buying an electric guitar without an amp is like buying a car without buying the gas. 

Nowadays, there are plugins you can download to your computer that simulate an amp, but even for that, you'll need at least 50 dollars to buy a sound card to connect the guitar with the computer. 

Practice Makes Perfect

It is amazing that your 9-year-old kid shows interest in playing the guitar. Now it is up to you to support them on this journey. Help them pick the perfect guitar, choose a good guitar teacher and take them to their guitar lessons even when you are tired from work. Also, let them make the noise, even if you are trying to rest. It will pay off very soon, and your kid will never forget that when they grow up.


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