How to Choose the Best Guitar Lessons: Online vs. In-Person

Due to technological advances, online guitar courses have become the new normal. But are they worth it? Should you go back to in-person guitar lessons, or should you enroll in an online guitar course?

Today, we’ll explore some of the pros and cons of both modalities. This way, you can determine which one is right for you!

Before we dive into online vs. in-person guitar lessons, let’s consider the current situation around the world. As we all know, we’re going through a global pandemic, and even though everyone is getting vaccinated, some can still get the virus and spread it. With that in mind, some of us are reluctant to receive in-person guitar lessons.

However, in-person guitar lessons offer some important benefits that online lessons don’t. The same applies the other way around. Read on for an in-depth comparison.

Online vs. In-Person

In-Person Lessons: Pros

  • Motivation: People who take classes in person feel more motivated towards their goals. Even Gen Z benefits a lot from in-person classes, even though they’re part of the generation that feels more comfortable with the internet. By taking in-person lessons, you’ll concentrate better and therefore grasp concepts faster.
  • Hearing: Not only you will hear better the examples that your teacher gives you, but your teacher will also hear you better. You don’t have to go through the uncomfortable experience of playing and having the audio cut out due to connection problems.
  • Spotting Mistakes: Often, beginner and intermediate guitarists make common mistakes while doing guitar exercises or even playing songs. Through in-person classes, your teacher can spot your mistakes easier than they can through a screen.
  • Making Friends: Maybe you receive lessons alone but you still go to an academy where you’ll meet other musicians! You may even meet your future bandmates, who knows?

Online vs. In-Person

In-Person Lessons: Cons

  • Exposure to COVID: Even though most of us are vaccinated, we are still exposed to the virus in some way or another. When going to in-person classes, you must interact with more people, which puts you at a higher risk of being exposed to the virus.
  • Higher Prices: Nowadays, it’s much harder to find in-person classes at a low price. You can find teachers who charge around $40 to $60 per class.
  • Having Less Time: If you sign up for in-person classes, you may have to drive or walk to the place you receive classes. This journey can be time-consuming.

Online Lessons: Pros

  • Comfortable Space: Now that you’re receiving classes at home, you can set up a comfortable room where you’ll enjoy your class. Instead of sitting in a classroom without any personality and with uncomfortable chairs, you could be sitting alone on a nice sofa and with the AC on!
  • Your Pace: Many guitar courses have pre-recorded videos. This allows students to learn at their own pace. It makes learning how to play much more comfortable since you don’t have the pressure of a face-to-face teacher.
  • Any Time of the Day: You can watch lessons at any time of the day since you don’t have an actual teacher who is going to be waiting for you. Sometimes, we get busy and need to make changes to our daily schedule, and this option offers flexibility.
  • Stay Safe: As we previously mentioned, learning at home through an online course will prevent you from getting COVID-19 or spreading it. You can keep learning while staying safe!

Online Lessons: Cons

  • It’s Harder: Even though it’s more comfortable to learn how to play guitar at home, it can be much harder. Some people find it hard to stay motivated due to distractions, boredom, and much more.
  • Connection Problems: This can be a real bummer for you and your teacher since you’ll have to repeat what you missed during interruptions. Sometimes, your internet provider may experience issues, preventing you from attending class and forcing you to reschedule.
  • Learning Takes More Time: Signing up for an online guitar course where the lessons are pre-recorded could negatively impact your learning experience. Everyone learns at a different pace and prefers different teaching methods. If the method that the tutor used when he or she recorded those videos doesn’t work for you, you may not be able to get the most out of the experience.

Online vs. In-Person: Which One Should You Choose?

The answer to this question depends on you and your preferred learning style and lifestyle. We encourage you to evaluate the pros and cons of both teaching methods and decide for yourself which one suits you best!

Online vs. In-Person


  • Online vs. In-Person

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