Guitar Tricks Vs Fender Play | Which Is Better For You?

Guitar tricks and Fender Play are two of the most popular online guitar lesson platforms. Both of these platforms use video lessons as their primary way of teaching students yet have more to offer too. To make it simple, in the case of Guitar Tricks vs Fender Play, Guitar Tricks comes out on top.

Both lesson platforms are high quality but Guitar Tricks simply has more in-depth content. This means you can follow a learning path that is exactly what you’re after. That being said, Fender Play costs half as much and still has plenty to offer. It even has more lessons in total. It’s a solid option for absolute beginners as most of their content is aimed at people learning the basics of guitar.

Both of these online guitar lesson websites have all-access free trials. So, I recommend just trying them out for yourself to see which one you like better. Or you could take a look at the following comparison review and make an informed decision going in.

If you want to see how these lessons stack up to the rest of the competition, you can check out our huge review article here.


Guitar Tricks Vs Fender Play At A Glance

Guitar Tricks


The Numbers

  • 11,000 lessons
  • 33 teachers
  • 1000 song tutorials
  • 3,000,000 members
  • $179.99 yearly price or
  • $19.99 a month
  • 14-day trial
  • 60-day refund window


  • Regularly updated
  • Plenty of song dedicated lessons
  • Well-organized
  • In-depth lessons
  • Easy to use design
  • Optional Complete Access individual lessons



  • No lessons for bass guitar
  • The most effective lessons cost extra
  • Some video clip player bugs

Fender Play


The Numbers

  • 40,000 lessons
  • 100 teachers
  • 900 courses
  • 930,000 members
  • $89.99 yearly price or
  • $9.99 a month
  • 7-day free trial
  • Something Something


  • Progress tracking
  • Comprehensive lesson strategies
  • Great video clip quality
  • Self-paced lessons
  • Exclusive Facebook community
  • Great for beginners



  • Lack of lessons for advanced guitar players
  • Not much modification is readily available
  • Little uniformity between teachers and lessons

Guitar Tricks Review

There's much to like regarding GuitarTricks, yet these are the things that attract attention. The simple quickly navigated website makes it very easy to discover the guitar lessons most applicable to you. Intuitive classifications let you hone in on your favored style, trainer, or level of complexity.

Having the lessons actually split sections makes this platform organized and efficient. 

The looping and slow-motion functions on the video player give you a quality self-tailored learning experience.

However, like many video clip player plugins, the one at GuitarTricks can sometimes break down a bit. Additionally, getting the loophole factors precisely where you want them can be difficult. That’s a small problem, and with a little tinkering you can nail the loops down to practice difficult parts.

Guitar tricks does have a huge track selection for song lessons but does not cover every genre. This could end up being a problem for some players. But, most of the guitar standards are there so most new guitarists will be happy with the selection.

Nonetheless, it's worth noting that no competitor supplies a more complete choice of song lessons either. And also, you can constantly seek specific tracks somewhere else like as soon as you're more knowledgeable about guitar theory.

Guitar Tricks Platform

The format of the website is straightforward yet detailed. You browse in between different video clip programs and also select your faves.

When it comes to the lesson layout, it's comprehensive yet sleek and simple to follow. Tracks, as well as programs, have difficulty scores to aid you in advancing correctly.

As you click a tune, you arrive on its main page. Here, you'll discover written details, a list of lessons, and a progression bar to see how much you have actually learned. Along with a viewing history, this makes it very easy to get to where you left.

Each lesson has its very own video clip to show just how to play a specific component. This makes discovering much easier and lets you concentrate on the components you want to prioritize. You'll commonly also discover what gear and strategies you require to nail the sound.

Thanks to the intricate video clip player’s capacities, you can put the video clip on repeat or pick a specific area you intend to loop over and over. That's a blessing when there's a challenging part.

What's more, you can play the video clips in slow motion without any pitch adjustments. For soloists and shredders, this is indispensable.

Guitar Tricks Experienced Lesson Paths

Easy To Follow Lessons

Concerning video clip length or the number of lessons per tune, it varies. Easy songs may have a video each for the intro, knowledge, chorus, and bridge. Harder songs have various progressions and also solos in even more in-depth portions.

Plus, there's typically a complete performance video clip to ensure that you can play along when you have actually mastered each segment.

Below the video, you can discover tabs and also notes, as well as lyrics. GuitarTricks has a brand-new system in growth, where online tablature scrolls along with the video clip. However, this function isn't completely integrated for all tabs yet.

You'll find 12 distinct guitar-style sections on the website. Each one has lessons on the important strategies, classic licks, and attributes of a few of the greatest guitar players of the style.

For example, the metal area has points like rhythm exercises, pointers on melodies, and artist research on Megadeth and Metallica. At the same time, the bluegrass web page has collections of licks and fast rhythm components, cross-picking lessons, Tony Rice style analysis, and more.

Surfing about, you can discover the secrets of dozens of guitar greats such as BB King, Jimi Hendrix, and David Gilmour. There are likewise lessons on all the strategies you might require. Examples include bends, whammy bar, touching, as well as sweep picking.

Initially, there's the Core Learning System. In it, you find out standard points like tuning as well as the essential guitar chords.

As a beginner, it actually assists to have someone lead you by the hand and instruct you correct technique to stay clear of problems down the line. Lisa Mccormick, the trainer, has a gentle and beginner-friendly method for these fundamental guitar lessons.

This training course alone will most likely last you for a month or two, depending on exactly how rapid you learn. Because you can progress at your own speed and technique as high as you want at whatever time matches you. This makes the lessons way more effective and cheaper than a real-time individual tutor.

Degree 2 begins educating you on the usual scales and keeps broadening your chord repertoire with power chords and barre chords. Likewise, you'll find out the essentials of exactly how to read music for guitar.


Fender Play Review

Guitar lessons can be expensive, so it's a great concept to decide if they're the best choice for you before forking over your cash. As Fender Play is much cheaper for a yearly membership it is still a good choice for learning guitar.

Fender Play is an electronic platform offered on your internet browser or Android or iPhone device. The apps teach guitar to students, allowing them to play within a couple of mins of starting a lesson.

You can buy Fender Play as a monthly or yearly registration. Both strategies give you the complete directory of assisted lessons and tune instructions for the guitar, ukulele, and bass. If you choose the discounted yearly strategy, you'll also obtain 10% off Fender guitars and equipment.

Fender Play is absolutely a tool for beginners finding out just how to play than sophisticated guitarists. If you wish to find out the fundamentals, you'll discover many valuable details in the program. Experienced guitarists, nevertheless, will possibly require more thorough guidelines to dig much deeper right into their playing.

Benefits of Fender Play

What does Fender Play do well? Below are a couple of ways it attracts attention in training you the guitar's beginning steps:


Beginner Lessons In 5 Different Styles

When you initially sign up for Fender Play, the program will welcome you with your music path choices. These paths lead you to learn the sort of songs you have an interest in. Your options are:

  • Rock
  • Blues
  • Folk
  • Country
  • Pop

After making your selection, you'll move onto custom lessons for that course that will educate you on every little thing, from correct hand placements to playing your first notes.


Guitar, Bass, as well as Ukulele Lessons

You can choose between an electric and acoustic guitar but that’s not all that is on Fender Play. 

You can also learn Bass and Ukulele on this platform!

Just like with the guitar, you'll get guided lessons that start with stripped-down fundamentals to obtain the skills you need to learn on your own.


Step-By-Step Guided Understanding

One of the most significant benefits of Fender Play for beginners is that its lessons actually walk you through each piece of playing. The lessons are concise and informative, making it very easy for you to leap right in and start playing quickly.

The arrangement of each music course takes you from one lesson to the next in regards to difficulty. Each course has five levels of progression that get a bit tougher. You'll concentrate on theory, chords, tone, and much more for any one of the musical paths you pick.

Nonetheless, you're additionally totally free to skip through to different lessons if you feel that any are below your ability, or you can repeat any lesson with which you need more practice.

Top-Notch, Valuable Video Clips

The video lessons include numerous close-up shots from various angles that assist you in seeing precise finger positionings and movements to play chords, riffs, and songs.

Video Clips on Fender Play additionally feature tablature, a glossary, and chord layouts that offer additional info and find out possibilities for novices.

Fender Play Lesson Screen Shot

Development Tracking

Fender made Fender Play to deal with self-learners. The platform has a handy progression monitoring feature that assists you to see what you've done so far - and maybe just the right amount of inspiration to keep you moving forward.


Buying Guide


One point to take into consideration is your budget. Guitar lessons fall under a wide variety of prices depending upon your ability degree, just how often you take them, as well as where you obtain the lessons. Some lessons are a lot more flexible in prices than others, allowing you to decide exactly how usually you wish to take them to straighten with your spending plan.


How Serious Are You?

Another thing you'll intend to think of is how serious you have to do with your guitar playing. Is the guitar something you wish to invest a great deal of time in or is it a leisure activity? Although guitar lessons can help laid-back students, they generally concentrate on aiding guitarists who are disciplined enough to exercise beyond lessons.


Understanding Learning Styles

Finally, how do you like to learn? In-person lessons may be best for you if you call for instant feedback. On the internet, lessons can be advantageous for you if you wish to relocate at your own rate and don't mind somebody not being alongside to teach you.

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