Learn Guitar Techniques on YouTube From 6 Experts

Instead of paying for expensive in-person guitar lessons or online courses, you can learn through free YouTube videos!

This has become a great learning modality for many musicians. Some of us don’t have the time or the money to spend on personal guitar lessons. Through this platform, you can explore different content creators, find the lesson you want to practice, and go through each video at your own pace!

Ready to learn guitar techniques on YouTube? Let’s explore some of the platform's best guitar teachers!

Guitar Techniques On Youtube

Guitar Technique Tutorial Videos

Sometimes, we struggle with the way we play, or maybe we don’t understand how some genres are composed, especially at the beginning of our journeys as guitarists. That’s why some content creators dedicate their channels to teaching how some genres, or how some basic techniques, work. Whether it’s rock, jazz, blues, or country, you can find lessons on YouTube to improve your playing.

New Secret Guitar Teacher

Guitar Techniques On Youtube

Nick Minnion, the owner of the channel New Secret Guitar Teacher, teaches guitar techniques, licks, and scales, among other things, to help his viewers improve their blues playing and composing skills.

Through his videos, he explains and teaches some of the fundamental techniques that every bluesman should have. Nick not only uploads videos about this, but he also has a few song tutorials, informative videos, and blues theory explanations.

Jens Larsen

Guitar Techniques On Youtube

For all those jazz enthusiasts, Jens Larsen offers a series of videos that explain not only theory but also techniques that will help you improve your ability to play jazz. Among his videos, there’s a wide variety of lessons on different aspects of jazz, but he also has others that tell you how to piece together jazz licks, chord progressions, arpeggios, and more!

Jens has dedicated his channel to talking about jazz, and as we know, jazz requires some level of previous knowledge before getting into it. Even though what we previously said is true, Jens has videos for those who are extreme beginners.

Andy Guitar

Guitar Techniques On Youtube

Andy, the owner of the channel, offers completely free guitar lessons to the viewers that visit his channel! If you’re a beginner, we recommend you go check out his channel, because he explains everything you need to know to become a good guitarist. Among his videos, you can find guitar tutorials, guitar lessons for any skill level, and other guitar-related content.

Not only are his lessons great, but his videos are really fun, making guitar learning much easier! Besides his free YouTube lessons, Andy also offers more help through his website, where he teaches people how to play guitar and Ukulele. He’s someone who has dedicated tons of time and effort to spreading his passion for music and making people more interested in it!

Jason Stallworth

Guitar Techniques On Youtube

If you’d like to improve your guitar skills while also learning some of the basic techniques most used in metal, Jason’s channel is for you. He offers lessons on most of the most important aspects of metal guitar playing while also making it fun. Not only will he teach you how to finger tap, chug the strings, and make great chord progressions, but he will also give you some tips on how to compose metal riffs.

Mainly, Jason Stallworth focuses on thrash metal riffs, melodic death metal progressions, and soloing. You should check him out if you’re interested in learning how to make music in the most intense and brutal genre out there. And if lessons aren’t enough, there are some videos in which he talks about some of the gear he has. That way, he can also help you figure out your sound.

Active Melody

Guitar Techniques On Youtube

Weekly, the channel Active Melody uploads different kinds of guitar lessons. Of course, not all of them are for beginners, but if you’re anywhere from an intermediate to an advanced player, the lessons on this channel will help you out immensely. However, some of his lessons can also help beginner guitarists in their first steps on their journey.

Active Melody makes you feel like you’re in a big community of guitar players who are learning, instead of just being a spectator. His videos are fun to watch, and the lessons aren’t only interesting but also useful to the big majority of guitarists. Finally, there’s someone who’ll explain to us how to play barre chords.

Your Guitar Academy

Guitar Techniques On Youtube

This channel, which also has an online guitar course platform, teaches its audience various things. They have lessons on rock, metal, and blues, and they even teach you how to play like some other artists! Taught by some of the best tutors in the UK, Your Guitar Academy has tons of free lessons on their channel that you can check right now!

Besides that, they also upload interesting techniques through YouTube Shorts, which is also helpful for advanced guitar players. We totally recommend you go check them out!


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