Learn How to Play Guitar Songs on YouTube: Top 6 Creators

Most of us picked up the guitar without any previous knowledge, and instead of signing up for pricey lessons, we went straight to YouTube and started learning through pre-recorded video lessons. As we know, YouTube is completely free, so it’s an excellent platform to start learning some basic things about this instrument!

A good portion of content creators who focus on teaching guitar post tutorials on how to play specific songs. Most of these YouTubers have dedicated their entire channels to teaching their audience how to play.

Are you ready to play guitar songs on YouTube? Read on as we explore some of the top creators so you can find the ones that interest you the most!

Guitar Songs on YouTube

Song Tutorial Channels

Since some of us want to get straight to the point, we search for tutorials on how to play our favorite songs. From Smells Like Teen Spirit to the most underrated song you know, you can probably find a tutorial on YouTube on how to play it. Here are a few places to look!

Marty Music

Guitar Songs on YouTube

Some of us veteran YouTube guitar students will remember this name. Marty Music, better known as Marty Schwartz, posts tutorials of the most requested and popular songs out there. Everyone who has been through his channel can agree on the same thing: he’s great at what he does.

Marty not only shows you step-by-step how to play your favorite songs, but he also mentions the setup he has, the pedals he uses, and the guitar he would play that song with. We recommend you go check out his tutorials!


Guitar Songs on YouTube

GuitarZero2Hero teaches his audience how to play songs from scratch. His videos are detailed, going over each section carefully so the viewer can understand easily. His tutorials are about 20 minutes long, and he posts new tutorials weekly.

Creating content since 2015, GuitarZero2Hero not only teaches how to play visually but also includes the tabs of the song he is teaching. You can find thousands of tutorials on this channel, but that’s not the only thing you’ll find. He also reviews some products and records some vlogs from time to time if you’re interested in knowing more about him.

Lee John Blackmore

Guitar Songs on YouTube

This creator focuses on posting guitar tutorials, but you can also find some covers and vlogs here and there. Lee posts guitar tutorials weekly, and his mission is to teach and inspire others to learn how to play this historically bombastic instrument.

Lee has a wide variety of songs that you can learn, going from the rock classics to Christmas music that you can learn to show your friends and family during the holidays. Overall, his channel is varied and teaches in a way that everyone can learn.


Guitar Songs on YouTube

Focusing mostly on rock and metal songs, Carl Brown teaches his viewers how to play songs that have gone down in history as the most memorable songs. Going from Pantera to The Beach Boys, Carl teaches you in broad detail how to play the songs he covers.

Carl uploads tutorials that can range from seven minutes to an hour depending on the complexity of the song. Overall, most of his videos last around 20 minutes. He explains every detail of the song, goes over some of the sections, and plays them slowly and then at a normal tempo so you can catch on.

Elite Guitarist

Guitar Songs on YouTube

For the fans of classical guitar, Elite Guitarist offers several tutorials on how to play some of the most beautiful songs ever created for classical guitar. But he also adapts songs made for other instruments to the classical guitar, teaching you how to play it in several videos. Not only that, but he also has tutorials on how to play some of the most beautiful flamenco and jazz songs.

Certainly, Elite Guitarist is not a channel for everyone. You need to have some level of expertise to learn the songs that he features in his tutorials. Don’t get discouraged, though. We trust that with some time and practice, you can also learn how to play the songs Elite Guitarist teaches through his YouTube channel.

Guitar Force

Guitar Songs on YouTube

Even though Guitar Force is still a relatively small channel, his tutorials are explained professionally. The best thing about this channel is that it offers an endless variety of songs that you can learn from him. From BB King to Death, you can find anything on this channel.

His tutorials are usually over 15 minutes long because he takes his time to thoroughly explain the sections of the songs he covers as well as the transitions that they have. In some instances, the host has made separate videos to explain just one song, but that has only happened with a few artists.

Another thing that makes this channel great is that he includes the tabs for each song along with the actual tutorial. This feature is very uncommon among guitar song tutorial channels and makes it stand out. We encourage you to check out this 10-year-old YouTube channel!


  • Guitar Songs on YouTube

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