Learning To Play Guitar Online: The Top 7 Options

When it comes to learning how to play guitar online, there are many options available, especially online. Through courses, lessons, and YouTube videos, you can learn to play your favorite songs and master the theory behind them!

The process of learning may vary depending on the style of teaching you want to receive. Normally, guitar lessons and courses fall into the category of progressive, slow, but ensured learning. YouTube videos, even though they’re helpful and free, won’t be as in-depth. Read on to find out more about your online options for learning how to play guitar.

Play Guitar Online

Online Guitar Courses

Guitar lessons are one of the most common and effective ways to learn how to play, and due to the current situation, online lessons are the safest bet. Below, we’ll cover some of the best free online guitar lessons as well as the best paid ones.

Guitar Tricks

This website offers three different modalities: Beginner Lessons, Experienced Lessons, and Song Library. Each of these lessons appeals to different demographics. Advanced players who’d like to learn new songs can go to the Song Library, where there are over 1000 songs to learn step-by-step.

Guitar Tricks also offers two other courses: Guitar Fundamentals I, and Guitar Fundamentals II. These are for players who are completely new to the instrument.

Also, this website offers a free trial for those who aren’t sure if they’d like to continue.

Play Guitar Online

Fender Play

The acclaimed instrument company, Fender, also offers guitar lessons that can be paid for either annually or monthly. Their method of teaching is song-based, meaning that most of the lessons are taken from chord progressions, licks, and single-note progressions that already appear in popular songs.

Another awesome thing that Fender Play offers is a massive discount of 50% if you opt for an annual membership, dropping the price from $99.99 to $49.99. Plus, they have a two-week free trial.

Play Guitar Online

Your Guitar Academy

YGA offers a variety of courses to help you enhance your technique, knowledge of theory, and overall guitar playing skills! Every course offers a different perspective on guitar playing, and YGA even has a library of songs and jamming loops so you can learn songs and try each chord that you’ve learned!

You can also find private lessons for those who struggle to learn by themselves. This innovative feature is almost unique to this website, as it’s not common for online guitar courses to offer this kind of service.

Free classes are also a feature that YGA offers. Through live webinars, guitar players who’d like to see the quality of YGA teachers can join a free live class that’s taught to thousands of online spectators.

Play Guitar Online

Justin Guitar

This website offers a variety of lessons, some of which are completely free. What’s innovative about this course is its mobile-friendliness. You can watch lessons through the Justin Guitar app available on Android and Apple. Guitar technique and theory are divided into 7 courses that go from beginner to advanced.

Justin Guitar offers over 1200 free lessons, and 679 song lessons are explained step-by-step. If we must recommend one guitar course to anyone willing to learn, we’d suggest starting with this amazing and well-explained course.

Play Guitar Online

True Fire

The True Fire guitar course is dictated by the best of the best. Grammy award winners, the best studio players, and legendary guitarists teamed up with True Fire and designed a course that’s interactive and informative.

This online course teaches users how to play, going from the most basic exercises to the most advanced. It also teaches how to read tabs and notation.

True Fire offers progress tracking, where you can check what you have done and go back to any when necessary.

True Fire has been listed as one of the best guitar courses in 2022, and it’s obvious why. With teachers such as Steve Vai, Andy McKee, and Robert Jones, it’s impossible to have a bad experience while learning through this course.

Play Guitar Online

Another Way of Learning to Play Guitar Online: Private Online Guitar Lessons

During the pandemic, many 1-on-1 guitar teachers went online. Let’s look at a couple of the best options for private online lessons.


Fiverr is a great platform to find guitar teachers who are willing to dictate their courses online. Rates range from $5 to $100, but you can find many great teachers at the price of $25 per class. Most of them use platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, and Skype to teach, and according to a good number of reviews, some of these teachers are great!

Play Guitar Online


Lessons is a platform in which you can find any kind of teacher for any skill, and guitar is no exception. Lessons offers a rate of $40 to $60 per hour, or $30 per half hour. The teachers that work through this platform can teach you how to play acoustic or electric guitar for any skill level. In-person classes may vary in price and are taught through Skype.

Whether you want to learn how to play rock, blues, jazz, pop, or any other genre, the instructor will go over music theory and apply those teachings to the genre that you would like to master.

Play Guitar Online

Online Guitar Lessons vs. In-Person Lessons

Should you book online guitar lessons or stick to the classic in-person modality? That depends on you and your ability to understand the exercises and theory without further explanation.

With in-person lessons, the teacher will always be there to help you grasp a concept. Through online lessons, you can either stick to pre-recorded lessons or look for a person who teaches in real-time through Skype, Discord, Zoom, or any other video call platform.


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