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On top of our passion for music and education, we also design websites! Whether you need a new affiliate site, an artist page, or an online storefront built I’ve got you covered. We don’t just focus on music either, whatever niche you’re into we can help.

We will build you a WordPress site that has all the necessary plugins included for you. All you will need to worry about is adding your content.

You can custom order Gutenberg blocks that will allow you to have preformatted settings. Some examples of the blocks you could use are:

  • A product comparison table
  • A review template with images and pros/cons etc laid out for you
  • Pricing cards
  • Blog post preformatting

Anything else you can think of can be discussed too. You’re the boss!


How Does The Process Work?


We liaise with you and get your ideas into a plan. Categories, pages, and posts will be discussed as well as any extras like logo design and domain acquisition.


We take into account any thoughts you have about the design of your site and seamlessly include them. This is also when we build the Gutenberg blocks so maintaining the site after the handover is a piece of cake.


Once the website is ready to go we hand the site over to you with admin privileges. Some settings will be disabled so you don’t accidentally mess the site up in the future. These restrictions can of course be removed at your request.

What Makes Incite Music Web Design Great?

Easy To Use

Our sites are designed to be extremely user friendly both in the backend and the front end. No confusing and irrelevant plugins, just what you need to be a successful website owner.


Our pages are fast! We don’t use any unnecessary javascript or CSS that can slow your site down. If you still want animations etc we can add them. That is up to you.

Excellent Pricing

If you find a cheaper offer for a completely custom site you should take it. 
If you find a legitimate offer from a real competitor we will match it

Mobile Friendly

Being mobile friendly is extremely important to your Google rankings. Our sites are completely responsive to mobile and tablet use.


Your site will have protection from viruses and hackers. Keep your data safe!


We give you the choice! We use free hosting for handover, but you can decide to switch to a faster server for lightning-fast page speed. We can do this for you for free!


Single Page
for artists or small blogs

Custom Design
Header and Footer for posts

normally $150 $4999
Affiliate Site
done for you package
Legal pages
Post template
Custom Gutenberg blocks
2500 words of content
Domain acquisition
normally $650 $29999
Custom Order
whatever your heart desires

If you have something specific in mind, get in touch with us and we can sort something out. 

normally $3000 $???
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