The Top 5 Online Classical Guitar Courses

Classical music is one of the most popular genres for instruments like piano, violin, and cello. However, there are some great pieces that either were written for the guitar or have been adapted for guitar.

Thankfully, Guitar Tricks, Udemy, This is Classical Guitar, TrueFire, and LAGA offer some great online classical courses that will help you improve your classical guitar skills and knowledge.

This amazing genre is the grandfather of many genres that we listen to today, and it contains everything you need to know about music theory. Let’s check some of the online guitar courses that will help you become better at this genre!

Online Classical Guitar Courses

The Best Online Classical Guitar Courses

It’s recommended to have a classical guitar to take these courses, as it might make it more comfortable to play the complex exercises. Moreover, the sound of a classical guitar is much warmer, which is perfect for this genre. If you already have one, then you’re almost ready to be playing the best pieces this genre has in store!

Valentin Spasov’s “Classical Guitar Course Level 1” on Udemy

Online Classical Guitar Courses

Valentin Spasov designed a course that centers itself around classical guitar. It’s for those late beginners who’d like to start learning this genre of music.

Here, you’ll learn the fundamentals of music theory, classical guitar techniques, chord techniques, notation, accompaniments, and much more! All you need to have by your side is a guitar with nylon strings, a footstool, and an armless chair. No skill level is required to take this course.

Classical Guitar Course Level 1 has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 and over 900 students. This course consists of 6.5 hours of video lessons, 4 articles, and 37 downloadable resources — more than enough for a basic classical guitar course.

Originally, the price is $74.99, but you may find it with an 81% discount, meaning that the course is going to cost $13.99!

Guitar Tricks’ Classical Guitar Section

Online Classical Guitar Courses

This series of courses on Guitar Tricks were made by Christopher Schlegel, a wonderful guitarist who has specialized in the genre of classical music. The courses are mainly for either beginners or advanced players, and this is where we encounter a small problem: There are very few intermediate courses. In general, the content is great for both sides of this spectrum.

As a beginner, you’ll learn the basics of music theory, a few classical guitar techniques, and some songs. If you’re an advanced player, there are essential techniques that will serve as a decoration to your pieces, and songs in which you can use the techniques learned.

Intermediate lessons are mainly songs that are labeled as “easy classical guitar songs”. In general, the course is amazing for beginners and advanced players, and if you’re either one of those, you can start learning for the price of $19.99 a month or $179.99 a year.

This is Classical Guitar

Online Classical Guitar Courses

Through this website, you can start learning the essential aspects of classical guitar now for the price of nothing! This is Classical Guitar is a website that offers a series of courses for free and has tons of resources that will help you get better at this genre. On this website, you’ll find exercises that are designed to help you develop hand independence, improve technique, learn music theory, and much more!

This website is perfect for those who aren’t sure about choosing classical music as their main genre, for those who’d like to get a better grasp of this genre to complement their knowledge, and for those who don’t own a classical guitar and aren’t sure if they’d buy a classical guitar only to play this genre. If you’re a beginner, we encourage you to check out this website!

TrueFire’s Classical Guitar Section

Online Classical Guitar Courses

TrueFire has a small section of its website dedicated to classical music. Here, you’ll find some courses that are mainly for intermediate and late intermediate players. However, there are also courses for beginners and advanced guitarists.

If you’re a beginner guitarist, we encourage you to check out Andrew Leonard’s classical guitar courses for beginners — which will guide you through the fundamentals of classical guitar, such as technique, theory, and exercises.

Each of these courses has a price. That said, they’re not as pricey as individual classes, and you’ll get lifetime access! The only negative aspect of TrueFire’s Classical Guitar Section is that it doesn’t offer much, but what offers is great content that will help you get better at this genre.

LAGA Online

Online Classical Guitar Courses

Los Angeles Guitar Academy offers a series of courses for those students who are serious about getting into the guitar. This website isn’t for those who’d like to casually play a classical song. Instead, it’s for those who want to specialize in this genre.

Here, you’ll not only learn the techniques and basics of classical music but also right-hand and left-hand coordination, sight-reading, and ear training.

The courses consist of many video lessons and a good bunch of resources like PDFs and other documents. Since this isn’t a website for casual guitar players, they recommend you to train at least 2+ hours per day. As a beginner, you’re expected to finish all the levels within 20 to 28 months. As you can see, this is an extensive course, designed for those who are willing to dedicate their music path to classical music.


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