Online Guitar Lessons for Older Beginners

We get it, you’re asking yourself why you didn’t start learning how to play guitar when you were 10 years old. You can stop stressing out about it. Many great websites offer older beginners some courses and lessons that will help them either learn guitar or improve their playing skills! A few of the websites that offer online guitar lessons for older beginners are TrueFire, GuitarTricks, Udemy, Fender Play, and JamPlay, but there are many more out there on the Internet.

Having a hobby is important for preserving your mental health, but maybe you want to learn how to play the guitar so you can start making music. Regardless of your goals, these websites will provide you with the knowledge you need. Keep reading to learn all about the websites we mentioned before!

Learn to play guitar as an older beginner

Courses and Online Guitar Lessons for Older Beginners

Here we will list some of the best websites where an older beginner could start learning how to play guitar. All these websites have different teaching methods, so let's dive in and find out which one suits you best!


A screenshpt of the guitar tricks welcome screen

This great website provides lessons for everyone, including beginners! You can find two courses that are called Guitar Fundamentals I and II. These courses will help you learn all the basic techniques such as hammer-ons, pull-offs, strumming patterns, and power chords. You’ll also learn about the theoretical part of guitar playing like notation and tablature, major and minor scales, chord shapes, and much more!

Many consider this to be one of the best platforms for learning how to play guitar due to its low monthly price ($19.95). As soon as you’re done, the platform offers a series of other courses that will suit your level of playing, and you’ll be able to play some of the songs featured in their 1,000-song library.

With GuitarTricks, you can learn how to play any genre you want. You can forge your path as a musician with the tools this site has to offer.


A screenshot of the TrueFire welcome screen

TrueFire, a platform built by musicians for musicians, has the best courses for beginner guitarists, even for those who’ve never touched a guitar. The platform not only provides thousands of videos with fundamental information about guitar techniques, but it also features slow-mo and looping for the video lessons.

Then there’s the versatility of the platform. The team of TrueFire has launched an app that enables its members to take their lessons wherever they go.

Some lessons that are featured on TrueFire’s website are taught by a few of the best musicians out there, such as Steve Vai, Pat Martino, Joe Bonamassa, and many more! Apart from that, the rest of the people on this website are excellent teachers and musicians who have dedicated a lot of time to crafting their courses.

TrueFire offers a 30-day free trial. After that, you can choose between a monthly price of $29 and a yearly price of $149.


A screenshot of the JamPlay homescreen

Created in 2006, JamPlay offers over 7,000 different guitar lessons and 100 tutors, which will help anyone reach their goals. With JamPlay, you decide your path, whether it’s rock, blues, jazz, or the other 17 genres that JamPlay has lessons about. However, you can start with the beginner lessons.

JamPlay’s beginner lessons go over the introductory aspects of the guitar, and they cover everything from the most basic techniques to the most advanced as you progress. JamPlay offers a 40% discount if you choose the yearly plan, which makes it one of the most affordable platforms for online guitar courses. For only $7.99 a month, you gain access to over 7,000 lessons!

Fender Play

A screenshot of the Fender Play homescreen

Fender Play was designed specifically for guitar, bass, and ukulele. One of the first steps to starting your journey as a musician with Fender Play is to pick the instrument you want to learn. Today, we will focus on the guitar, but there are also options for the instruments mentioned before.

Second, you’ll have to pick the genre that you’d like to learn. After that, you’re ready to start practicing and learning through their website!

The free trial that Fender Play offers allows you to sample their way of teaching. You’ll experience beginner lessons and learn how to play “Wonderwall” and “Basket Case.”

For a monthly price of $9.99 or a yearly price of $89.99, you can get all their content—but don’t forget about the two-week free trial!

The only negative aspect of Fender Play is that they don’t have many other genres to choose from. That said, the few that they have been taught very well.


A screenshot of the course outline on Udemy

With more than 1,500 students enrolled thus far, Beginner Guitar Lessons offered by Udemy is a great way to start practicing and learning from the very beginning. Even if you’ve never touched a guitar in your life, this course will help you start playing in no time. Not only will you learn some basic techniques, but you’ll also learn about scales and some other theoretical aspects of music.

When you finish this course, you’ll know how to bend, do hammer-ons and pull-offs, and play three popular songs (as well as the happy birthday song). Apart from this, you’ll master chords such as Am, E, and Em, and the Gm pentatonic scale. You’ll learn how to play chromatic scales, and much more. All this is only $13.99 with the discount that Udemy offers, so hurry up before it goes back up to $84.99!

If you miss out, don't stress too hard. It will go back on sale soon. There are also plenty of other great guitar courses on Udemy.

Learn Through YouTube

Not only is it free, but YouTube also has many great tutors that can help any guitarist learn new techniques, polish their skills, learn new songs, and learn about music theory.

There are millions of channels out there that have great guitar content, and we encourage you to check channels that will help you get better at guitar!



  • Online Guitar Lessons for Older Beginners

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