Equipment Needed For Online Guitar Lessons: The 6 Essentials

As we spend more time at home than ever before, guitar lessons have found their way into the digital space. Maybe you’ve been thinking of taking guitar lessons with online teachers but want to check if you have all the necessary equipment. Today, we’ll show you all you need for your future online guitar lessons.

If you're still not sure which platform you’ll use to find your online teacher, we encourage you to check our list of the best platforms for private online guitar lessons. But for now, let’s take a deep dive into what you need for your lessons!

Online Guitar LessonsA Strong WiFi Connection

Naturally, if you’re going to take online guitar classes, you must have a strong internet connection. Otherwise, your lesson could be interrupted by lag or cutouts.

These problems can ruin your learning experience if they are recurrent, and they could also impact the way you listen to your teacher and how your teacher listens to your guitar. Some online courses might ask for you to have at least 200MB of download speed, but many others ask for less.

Either ask your teacher or read through the information on the platform’s website to determine the download speed you must have to take classes with them.


When it comes to the microphone needed for online classes, you don’t have to get too fancy. Of course, a decent microphone is needed for your teacher to hear you as well as possible, but there are some great USB microphones that you can get for under $50. For example, the FIFINE K669 and the FDUCE Professional Studio Microphone are a couple of great budget options that will get the job done!

Online Guitar Lessons

Webcam or Integrated Recording Device

Your teacher will have to see how you’re playing your guitar in case you’re making any mistakes like pressing too hard, pressing too light, or tensing too much while playing. For this, you will need to be able to turn on your laptop’s camera, your phone’s camera, or a webcam connected to your desktop PC.

Thankfully, this may not require a purchase since most of us own a phone with a camera. The camera quality doesn’t have to be that good. However, it should allow your teacher to see how you play.


It’s super important to have a pair of headphones or earbuds around for your guitar lessons. Without them, there could be feedback from your teacher’s end that could ruin how he or she hears you while playing. Not only that, but by using headphones, you can better hear what your teacher is playing. The headphones you use don’t have to be expensive, as a decent pair will suffice.

If you don’t have any or if you find them uncomfortable, make sure that the sound that comes out of your computer or phone doesn’t interfere with your microphone. We also suggest avoiding Bluetooth headphones since they often reproduce sounds with a noticeable delay, but this may not be a huge problem since some of these have a tolerable delay.

Your Guitar

Naturally, you’ll need your guitar to take online guitar lessons. Here, you can use any guitar that you want. You can use either the cheapest one or the most expensive and extravagant guitar you have. We suggest you use the guitar that makes you feel most comfortable regarding cost and playability.

If you’re planning on using an acoustic guitar, you don’t have to worry about anything else other than getting your guitar tuned and having some guitar picks.

However, if you’re going to use an electric guitar, make sure to have a functioning amp, and regulate the volume and other settings to avoid saturating the microphone. Also, make sure it’s laying at a good distance from the microphone, as the saturation of the microphone could result in a nonsensical festival of noise.

Online Guitar Lessons

A Comfortable Space

It’s always comfortable to take classes in a place where you don’t hear any noise from the outside. This is not obligatory, but it’s recommended to take guitar lessons in a room where you can’t hear anything but your guitar. This is ideal not only for you but also for your teacher who can hear what’s going on around you. Some sound disturbances could make lessons harder to teach.

For you, it’s also important to have a silent and comfortable space where you won’t be interrupted by any outside noise. Having a silent space where you can’t be distracted by anything else will enhance your learning pace. Remember, this isn’t obligatory, but it’s recommended.


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