Can You Teach Yourself How to Play Guitar? Yes! Learn How

No matter the subject, finding a good teacher is hard, and adapting your learning style to your teacher’s teaching style is even harder.

Fortunately, nowadays there are many ways in which you can teach yourself how to play guitar. With all the tools, software, and websites on the internet, you can learn how to play your favorite songs and compose your own!

There are many ways in which you can learn by yourself. The main ones are through online guitar courses provided by websites such as Guitar Tricks, TrueFire, and many more! Other learning options include books available on Amazon, video games like Rocksmith, and software like Yousician. Let’s dive into each of these ways so you can decide which one suits you best!

teach yourself how to play guitar

Online Guitar Courses

teach yourself how to play guitar

Online guitar courses are a great resource for those who still need a teacher but can’t afford the rising prices of an hour with a face-to-face teacher.

These types of courses typically consist of online video lessons. The prices of these courses are much more accessible since they’re normally paid on a monthly or yearly basis. A site like Guitar Tricks, known to be one of the best for learning how to play guitar, charges $19.99 a month and $179.99 a year!

One of the best aspects of online guitar courses is that you can specialize in any genre that you want. Whether you’re interested in metal, country, rock, or jazz, through these kinds of platforms, you can learn how to play anything you want! Moreover, you can learn at your own pace, and you don’t have to deal with the pressure of face-to-face lessons.

If you’d like to learn more about online guitar courses, click here!

Guitar Books

teach yourself how to play guitar

Even though we have access to tons of content thanks to the internet, learning how to play guitar through books is still one of the best ways of getting better at this activity. You can find guitar books for any kind of level, and any sort of genre. We highly recommend Hal Leonard's series of guitar books, as they’re great for beginner guitarists!

Another great thing about this is that most of the best books for learning how to play guitar by yourself are available on Amazon. You can find books for adult beginners and young beginners for a very low price. It’s something worth checking out if you’re considering learning completely by yourself.

One thing everyone must consider is that when you learn through a book, you must rely entirely on its explanations since you don’t have a teacher in front of you showing you how to play. If you need someone to explain how the exercises and theory work, then we would recommend you look for other ways in which you can learn how to play guitar by yourself.

Video Games and Apps

teach yourself how to play guitar

Nowadays, there are more alternatives to learning how to play guitar by yourself. Things like video games and apps have been created to help you enhance your guitar skills. Taking inspiration from video games such as Guitar Hero, Ubisoft developed Rocksmith, a video game that teaches players how to play different guitar songs. Apart from that, it has a section for guitar techniques!

There’s also Yousician, an app available on Apple and Android that helps users learn guitar techniques, theory, and songs! Yousician’s membership is paid monthly, while Rocksmith is just a one-time purchase. Both of these are amazing, and if you are interested in this new way of learning, we encourage you to check out our comparison between Yousician and Rocksmith.

YouTube Video Lessons

teach yourself how to play guitar

As we all know, YouTube is a free streaming service with a gigantic amount of content in store. Of course, many content creators have dedicated their channels to posting guitar lessons! Here, you can find lessons on guitar techniques for beginner, intermediate, and advanced guitarists, and also song lessons for those who’d like to learn how to play the best hits of their favorite band or artist! If you’re interested in learning which channels are the best at teaching songs, click here!

The channels that focus on techniques can be found in any shape and color. There are channels for any level, and also channels that focus on one genre or subgenre!

Do you want to enhance your skills in one genre? YouTube is your best bet if you’d like to receive these lessons for free! If you want to learn more about the best channels in this realm, click here!

Teach Yourself How to Play Guitar: FAQs

There are a few common questions asked by those looking to teach themselves how to play guitar. Check out those questions and their answers below.

Should I Concentrate on Music Theory or Technique?

Like with everything in life, you must find a balance. While you learn your theory, you’ll also encounter techniques and exercises that help you apply the theory. Especially if you’d like to compose music someday, you must know both very well.

How Long Will It Take for Me to Go From Beginner to Intermediate?

The time each student takes to go from beginner to intermediate will depend on how much time he or she takes every day to learn something new. On average, it will take around 3 months to become a late beginner while practicing every day for at least 1 hour.

Which of These Alternatives Is Better?

If you’re still not sure you want to commit to guitar, then we would suggest starting with YouTube videos, since they’re free. If this isn’t the case and you’re sure you want to learn how to play, then we would recommend online guitar courses, as they’re guided by someone and you learn at your own pace. Not only that, but through online guitar courses, you can also find a great community of people with whom you can share your experience and doubts.


  • teach yourself how to play guitar

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