The Best Metal VST for Your Baritone Guitar

Sometimes, guitar pedals aren’t enough to reach the sound you want, or maybe you want to record on your computer but you don’t own guitar pedals.

For either of these cases, the answer would be to use a VST to transform the vanilla sound of your guitar into a monstrous wall of sound.

Some of the best baritone guitar VSTs for metal are PRS SuperModels, Guitar Rig 6, BIAS FX 2, and Amplitube Joe Satriani. Today we will explore some of the best presets to forge the most brutal metal songs with these VSTs and more!

List of Baritone Guitar VSTs

In this list, you’ll find not only the description of these VSTs but also the presets to exploit them to the max and benefit your sound. 

Guitar Rig 6

We’re starting with Guitar Rig 6, the predecessor of one of the best guitar plugins out there. 

Guitar Rig 6 features a drag and drop interface with a vertically stacked rig, 21 amp models with matching cabinets, and 68 different effects, tools, and modifiers. This plugin is compatible with FL Studio, Pro Tools, and most DAWs, but it also has a standalone version.

This plugin, made by Native Instruments, has an enormous number of presets that can be explored. Some of them are very experimental, and others have brutal sounds that don’t emulate the sound of a guitar.

Guitar Rig 6 has a comfortable and very easy-to-understand panel, and looking for presets and effects is very easy using the search bar. With this plugin, you could even emulate the baritone guitar of James Hetfield!


BIAS FX 2 is an all-in-one virtual guitar amplifier. It emulates the sound of a massive collection of amplifiers and matching cabinets. This plugin also features a huge pack of effects, samples, and guitar voices and tones.

The effects of BIAS FX 2 are considered as one of the best for the sound quality and variety. This plugin will make your baritone electric guitar sound however you want, and if you are looking for a hard-hitting sound, this VST is for you.

With BIAS FX 2, you can create your sound with all the different settings that you can find within the different selection of amps, effects, and pedals. This plugin can help you create heavy guitar riffs, fast and interesting strumming patterns, and dark ambient sounds.

Wave PRS SuperModels

Even though it’s much simpler than the rest, this plugin is great for amp simulation. Wave’s PRS SuperModels is a VST that features three PRS amp models: Archon, Dallas, and Blue Sierra V9. 

It features settings created by David Townsend, Megadeth's producer Chris Rakestraw, and many more.

Each amp model features an EQ bar where you can find virtual knobs that control bass, treble, gain, mid, and master volume. Apart from that, each amp module has its own sound.

●  PRS Archon features two channels, which are Clean and Lead.

●  PRS Dallas sound ranges from very clean to mild overdrive.

●  PRS Blue Sierra V9 is raw and heavy, and it has a sweet-sounding distortion.

As we told you before, Wave’s PRS SuperModels doesn’t feature any effect or sample pack. This is why it’s great for mixing with your physical pedals. You can have your signature sound, even though you are using some other artist’s amp settings.

AmpliTube Joe Satriani

For this plugin, Joe Satriani teamed up with AmpliTube, a plugin that features 3 different amplifiers, 5 cabinets, and 5 virtual effect pedals. The amps featured within this plugin are the SJ50, Satch VM, and the Boston 100.

When it comes to effect pedals, AmpliTube offers an octavator, two different overdrive pedals, a distortion pedal, and a wah pedal. They are all tailormade to provide the player all the tools to make great music with a baritone guitar or a 7 string guitar.

The presets that are already integrated within the plugin are all made by Joe Satriani, and each one has a very different tone and sound. Amplitube by Satriani is available for every Mac/Win DAW, and it also has a standalone version.

Toneforge Jeff Loomis

The creator of the JST company Joey Sturgis, the acclaimed metal producer Jens Bogren, and the legendary Jeff Loomis teamed up to create one of the most brutal and hard-hitting VSTs out there. This plugin features only 3 amplifiers, which are labeled as Lead, Rhythm, and Clean.

The signal panel features 7 different modules that can be turned on and off whenever it’s needed. These modules are labeled as Pedals, Amp, Cab, Magic, Effects, and Dynamics. Toneforge Jeff Loomis also features a tuner.

In regards to pedals, Toneforge Jeff Loomis features a compressor and overdrive, which are found in the Pedal FX panel. Other effects such as reverb and echo can be found in the Effects panel.

The preset manager, found at the top of the panel, opens up a window filled with presets made by JST, Jeff Loomis, and Jens Bogren. These presets fit perfectly with baritone guitars, 7 string guitars, 8 string baritone guitars, and even bass VI guitars.

Which One Should You Get?

Which one is the best VST for baritone guitar? There’s no right answer. We encourage you to listen to each of these VSTs so you can choose one that suits your needs and tastes!


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